This is a collection of street pictures, technically speaking, this is street photography which is a niche of Photojournalism.

Photojournalism is almost always harsh, revealing the brutalities of life but street photography mostly contains streetlife, just that. It could be harsh, but it can also be soothing.

The main idea of street photography is to view the routine streetlife from an angle it was not seen before.

This post contains all aspects of streetlife, that includes happiness, innocence, astir and abuzz life, peaceful and calm life, satisfaction, deprivation… it contains all aspects of streetlife.

By the way, if you like news photography, then do check out our collection.

Finest Street Photography

Note: Viewer discretion is advised. There is one picture “The Last Stop” which some viewers may find unsuitable.

About Life

Life is not about living in a palace and having power and wealth… life is about living with friends, having love and happiness.

girl running in street

Human’s clothes

It’s mid-day, men are gone work, so let’s chitchat.

streetlife photography inspiration


A moment of peace in the hustle and bustle is priceless.

spaceless shifter in street

Amsterdam Way of life

Amsterdam, the second best city to live in. The best city is always the hometown.

old couple sitting in street

Lisbon Stories

Lisbon is the capital of Portugal. I Portuguese love their accent when they speak English.

old women feeding a pigeon

Secret whisper

Is it love or is she reminding not to look sideways.

girl whispering to boy in street


Streets are full of domestic animals. Here’s one shot where you can see two cute creatures.

A cat targets a squirrel

Real life

Children are the true innocent people of our world. They don’t care about the surroundings, they don’t care who’s looking, they don’t care for anything except for what they are focusing at.

best streetlife photography

Waiting for the Summer

Sometimes you see the most strange people on the street. The odd thing is that once you get close to them, have a chat with them, they don’t seem strange at all.

Waiting for the Summer in street

The joy of creativity

Streets are full of creativity.

creative painting in street

My father was a gamblin’ man …

Fashion parades are common in Europe and south America. If you visit these places, make sure to attend at least one fashion parade.

My father was a gamblin' man ...

Life in Technicolor

Another example of street art. Boring wall turned into amazing tourist attraction.

Life in technicolor

Every single heartbeat counts

Left alone… fighter planes came, then everybody rushed… I’m waiting, they’ll be back any moment. I’ll give my little brother this balloon.

kid sitting on bench with heart balloon


Tea seller finds a spot to open his cafeteria.

old man selling tea in street

The Cobbler

Cobblers… we don’t see many of them these days. Another craft killed by corporate sector.

the cobbler in the street


According to a Chinese proverb, a picture says a thousand words. Street pictures certainly come true on this statement.

helpless sleeping on bench

Floating Fun

This is a street tormented by a flood… children. They still believe that no harm can be done until they are with their parents.

Documentary Photography

People in the News

This street picture won 2nd prize in World Press Photo Awards.
Police arrest a girl for demonstrating in Harlem, New York on 21 October 2012.

Arrest Me, Can’t Arrest My Voice!

Arrest me can't arrest my voice

Do You Want To Play With…..?

Playing makes me forget!

Amazing photojournalism

Children of Puray

The expression….!!!!

Amazing Free Expressive photography

The Last Stop

This is the photo for which viewer discretion was advised.

Death Photography

This Life…

Doesn’t matter how tough life gets… life just goes on.

Child News Photography

Terror on the Ground

The turning page of the history was captured in thousands of street pictures.

Nine Eleven, The Moment That Never Passed.

911 airplane strike

Self Funeral

My papa used to tell me when I was child, that when you have a problem, remember the problems of others. You won’t have a problem!

Dead before Death

Lament For a Dying Field

This is basically a news story. Follow the link for details.

News Photography


Chinese celebrate their new year.

beautiful lanterns in street decoration

The sweet life

Getting back to soothing side of the streetlife.

guitarist playing in street

it’s only rock and roll

Another day!

rock and roll guitar on bench

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