A sugar skull tattoo represents death… but not in a sad way. Death is perceived with different meanings around the world. Some people associate it with all things evil, but then there’s India and Madagascar. In India, death is just part of the perpetual cycle of reincarnation and in Madagascar, death can be perceived in celebration of life. There are some cultures in Latin America who celebrate funerals almost like weddings!
In Mexico however, sugar skull tattoos have gained cult like following. They are referred as sugar skull tattoos or Mexican candy tattoos. These tattoos are designed to commemorate the departure of loved ones. There was a tradition of making a sugar skull and writing the name of the deceased person on it.

If you are interested in Mexican traditions and holidays (as I am) then you would know about Dia de Muertos, that translates into “Day of the Dead”. This is celebrated in conjunction with All Saints Day and All Souls Day. On the day of the dead, the families do not dwell on the death of the deceased, but the life that person lived. They celebrate it in an almost party like atmosphere. This day is ended with the trademark sugar skull.

All in all, a sugar skull tattoo reflects love for the deceased. You can wear out of respect or love or both maybe. But you will not be wearing a symbol of sadness, rather a symbol of happiness.

Sugar Skull Tattoo Collection

Decorate your arm with a magically beautiful sugar skull tattoo.

Mexican sugar skull for your arm

This is a Mexican sugar skull tattoo in Instagram style.

Mexican sugar skull tattoo Instagram style

This is a sugar skull tattoo for mysterious women.

Female Sugar Skull Tattoo

This is a candy skull tattoo with a cross.

Candy skull tattoo with a cross

This is a side tattoo for women.

Side tattoo

This is a tattoo for Santa Muerte.

santa muerte sugar skull

A smoking hot skull tattoo.

Red rose with Mexican candy

If you had a whom you loved very much, but she died. This tattoo is a good idea to remind you of her memory.

Cat sugar skull tattoo

Skull tattoo for remembering your dog.

Dog skull tattoo

Tattoo for the day of the dead.

Dead of the day tattoo

Roses are red, skulls are dead. Sugar skull tattoo with roses in the mouth.

Sugar skull tattoo with roses in the mouth

This is a white ink sugar skull tattoo. Lindsay Lohan is credited with popularizing this type of tattoos.

This is a white ink sugar skull tattoo

This is a Mexican candy skull tattoo for people who love the color pink.

Pink Mexican candy skull tattoo

A simple sugar skull tattoo for your wrist.

A simple sugal skull tattoo for your wrist

A skull made of outline only.

outline skull

This Mexican sugar skull is remembering a lady.

Mexican Sugar Skull

This is a Mexican sugar skull tattoo with quote. These text based tattoos are ideal for people who are looking for a deeper meaning in their tattoos.

Mexican sugar skull tattoo with quote

This is a Mexican candy tattoo.

Mexican Candy Tattoo

A tattoo of a Mermaid combined with a sugar skull.

Mermaid sugar skull

This is goddess like tattoo design.

Sugar skull tattoo with flowers

Owl tattoo with sugar skull. This bird is the king of night skies.

Owl tattoo with sugar skull

A mix and match tattoo of a butterfly, the most beautiful creature.

Butterfly sugar skull

A really Batman tattoo with sugar skull

Batman tattoo with sugar skull

A very happy Mexican sugar skull.

A very happy Mexican sugar skull

Matching tattoos of sugar skulls.

Matching tattoos of skulls

Matching tattoos for your legs. This kind of tattoos have their own magic.

Matching tattoos for your legs

Matching tattoos for your feet.

Matching tattoos for your feet

Matching tattoos for your fingers.

Matching tattoos for your fingers

Jacob Pedersen’s tattoo design.

Jacob Pedersens

A Sugar skull tattoo that depicts love never ends.

Love never ends

Full back sugar skull tattoo.

Full back sugar skull tattoo

That’s all the Mexican sugar skull tattoos we had for you tonight. See you tomorrow with a new topic and a new article.

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