This is a collection of refreshing summer pictures that carry the essence of this wonderful season.

Everybody loves summer. And why not, friends, parties, seaside, mountains, strawberries, VACATIONS! This is a collection of conceptual photographs than contain these expressions, places or fruit. These summer pictures are really refreshing and really worth watching.

Usually summer pictures contain a yellow/orange tint in them to give an effect of sunshine. Also, summer pictures usually contain noodle jousting, empty drink bottles, popsicles, swimming pools, beaches and summer flowers such as sunflower.
But you know, one can’t get great summer pictures just by adding a few popsicles and applying an orange tint. It helps but that’s not the main thing. What you need is the expression, and these images that I’m sharing today contain the expression. I hope you like my effort.

But, before we move on, I wanna mention that we published a great collection of spring pictures just a few days ago. You MUST check that out as well because that is an outstanding post.

Beautiful Summer Pictures

For us living in the cooler climate regions, there’s only one thing we don’t like about summer…. it ends very soon. But if you live in a hot climate area like South Asia, North Africa or Mexico and surrounding countries…. my apologies. I’ll make a post of winter themed photos for you later. For now, here’s summer.

Summer is Moving on

Kids understand life much better than us I feel. They have all the right priorities, that’s the reason you will notice that many pictures in this collection have kids.

Great summer pictures

Summer Heat

Summer is the time for the beach. If you don’t have a beach in your approach, go to a riverside, lake shore, even a canal but go somewhere near the water. Swimming pools just cannot replace the real thing.

summer pictures on beach

My Critic

I said kids understand life best, but there’s a proverb in Asia: “old people and kids are the same.

summer pictures with old people

Summer is for fun

Summer is the time to have fun, because once the winter comes, there won’t be any fun. #winteriscoming

blowing bubbles

Endless Summer

This is a beautiful freedom concept photo.

Jumping in sea

Summer Nights..

I took a great time at evaluating this photo and I have realized that this is not photoshopped.

summer landscape at night

Field of Summer

Summer flowers have the best smells. This is a scientific fact. The sunshine makes them smell stronger.

girl in fields in summer

Summer Crop

The sunshine also guarantees a healthy crop, that’s the reason that countries with hotter climate produce the best crops.

Taste of Summer

Ah, that’s one of my favorite fruits.

summer berry fruit

Bye Bye Beautiful Summer

Miss butterfly is happy that summer has finally arrived.

beautiful butterfly

A Summer Picture

I said it before and I’ll say it again, nothing beats beach.

summer picture of women on beach

Summer Smiles

The beach just puts a smile on you.

laughing girl

It Was Summer

One of the basic rules of photography is to get to height of the subject you are clicking. In this photo you can see that the camera is at the height of flowers.

summer flowers

Because It’s Summer

Water and the Sun is a deadly combination.

boy bathing in summer rain


Because it’s summer.

girl summer photography

Summer Wheatlands

Once again, this picture is not photoshopped, this is the real deal.

summer wheat land

On the Edge of the Summer

To really enjoy the summer, you have to get out of the cities.

summer tree fields

Sandy Summer

To truly appreciate the beach, you need to be bare feet.

beach women feet

Shooting Star in a Summer Eve

Make a wish.

Summer Breeze

Cool breeze in the hot summer. What a great feeling that is.

Summer Silhouette

This is a great example of silhouette images.

Summer Afternoon

Just hanging out in the summer. (Silly pun intended.)

cloth drying in sun light

Summer Dance

Summer in the jungle.

Summer Dreams

Going green in the summer.

Summer Hills

Summer sunshine is taking over the hills in Italy.

summer dawn landscape view

Summer Horizon

Going green in the sunshine.

summer clouds

Summer Sun and the Beach

I’m not really sure why I added this picture, but it seemed quite “summery” to me.

Summer Memories

World’s biggest playing field.

Thank you for reading out this post. I’ll see you again tomorrow.

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