A picture says a thousand words, we have all heard it, right? If there’s any kind of photography that justifies this statement, it’s photojournalism. Today I chose a sub-category of photo-journalism and made a collection of the best news photos.

According to me, a perfect news photo is the one which does not need a description line. The pictures you are about to see contain a story in themselves, text descriptions and stories won’t do any good to them.
These kind of photos are also called Documentary Photography.

Viewer Discretion: Some viewers may find these images disturbing.

Do You Want To Play With…..?

Amazing photojournalism

This Life…

Child News Photography

No More War…. Please!

Military Photography

Where Am I?

Concept Photography

Children of Puray

Amazing Free Expressive photography

The Last Stop

Death Photography

Self Funeral

Dead before Death

Lament For a Dying Field

News Photography

Floating Fun

Documentary Photography

Death… Sustained

Extreme photography

When Nature’s Turn Comes

Nature's Fury

After Egyptian Revolution

News Photography

A New Friend

Military News Photography



News Photography


News Photography

Coal Mine Workers

News Photography

But I Didn’t Do Anything Wrong…

News Photo

Little Sisters



A cat targets a squirrel

Note: I have changed the titles of a few images, to see the original ones, kindly visit the source by clicking the relevant title.

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