Did you hear the latest buzz about Swift? The brand new programming language developed by Apple Inc. It is made exclusively for iOS and OSX and it will be used for all future versions of both operating systems. Everybody is trying to get to know what it is and can a average designer/developer learn it. Well, the answer is yes! Nearly anyone who can code HTML can learn Swift.

Not many people know this but Swift was has been under development since 2010… so Steve Jobs must have been working on it as well. Cool, isn’t it.
Anyway, Swift has rapidly become a success so it is a nice idea to take a little peek at it. So we decided to make a collection of guides, tips, cheatsheets and tutorials of this new programming language.

We have listed the easy ones on top and as you scroll down, things go slightly advanced. However, we have designed this round up keeping newbie public in mind, not seasoned app developers.

Swift Tutorials

An Absolute Beginner’s Guide to Swift

This is not really a tutorial but a guide. It only scratches the surface but it gives you a complete guided tour of the whole field.

Absolute Beginner's Guide

Swift Programming Basics

If you have read the article above, you’re ready to get your hands down and dirty on the programming.

Swift Programming Basics

Swift Tutorial for Beginners

This tutorial is divided in two parts. First one focuses on introducing you to swift, while the second takes you a little advanced level.


An Introduction to Swift

This is the gateway article on Swift by tutplus network. This is the largest and one of the most credible tutorial providers on the internet.

Introduction to Swift

Swift Quick Start

This article also contains two parts. First part is introduction, and second one takes a step further.

How to Create iOS App

The Swift Programming Language

Apple also made an ebook for you learn Swift.

Apple eBook

Swift Programming Tutorial for iOS 8

You thought iOS 7 was cool? iOS 8 is made by you!

Tutorial for iOS8

Developing iOS8 Apps Using Swift

This is a whole bunch of articles, all very useful.

iOS Development Tutorial

Let’s Make a Swift App

If you have never ever created an app for iPhone before, start from here.


Making Web Applications Secure by Construction

The screenshot describes everything.

Making Web Applications

How to use Objective-C Classes in Swift

This is also a series of articles and tutorials. If you check out the whole lot, it’s like reading a “how to” book about Swift.


Build Your First iOS Game

I’m sure you have played Tetris hundreds of times. But did you ever think that you could actually develop it?

Build a Swift Game

How to make awesome UI components in iOS 8

This tutorial uses Swift and XCode 6.

Making UI components in swift

Build a Facebook Album Browser

You can create a Facebook app. A pretty simple one, but impressive nonetheless.

Facebook album browser with swift

Swift Cheatsheet

Swift is quite a new thing, but it already has a dedicated website containing just its cheats.


Make your own iOS MapKit application

MapKit is a nice little framework developed by Apple. Learn how you can integrate it with Google Maps API and develop a complete application using Swift.


Novall Khan’s Video Tutorials

These are Youtube tutorials for newbie coders like us.


That’s it guys. Please comment and let us know what you think of our work. Thanks.

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