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Android Development Tutorial Collection for Beginners

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Android is the world’s most used mobile operating system. No wonder when anybody wants a mobile app made, their first priority is to make an app for Android. So today we are sharing an Android development tutorial ...

iOS App Development Tutorials for Absolute Beginners

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Businessmen are becoming more and more aware of the power of mobile devices. So web designer often find clients that require a mobile app along with their website. Since web designers usually don’t know much about mobi...

Vertical Slide Hover Effect for Menu Bars with CSS3

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A hover effect is the transition that takes place when you move your pointer over a menu bar item. Such hover effects can be used anywhere but mostly they are used for navigation bars and other kinds of menus. There are ...

10 Online Code Editors for Web Developers

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A code editor is a useful tool to write, edit, debug and execute programming code efficiently. As a developer, you always look for an easy to use, quick and responsive code editor. And, this need can be fulfilled by vari...

Git Tutorial Collection for Coders

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Git is a source-code-management system designed with speed in focus. Git is an open source freeware that is distributed under general public license. These two facts make it one of the most popular version control system...

14 Free jQuery Preloader Plugins

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A jQuery preloader helps us web designers to make the website’s user experience better by adding interactivity. They keep the user engaged when he is actually at halt because the images or data is loading. This is...

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