The following page is the continuation of the showcase of tattoos with meaning. On the first page, we covered some of the most popular tattoos with meaning. That included symbols, shapes, animals and objects.

One this page, we continue our quest for finding the most suitable tattoo that suits your personality.

We are continuously adding more tattoos with meaning in this list, so make sure you check it out after a few days.


Star tattoo on the back

Star tattoo for men

Star on fire

Pink and Black Stars

Stars are the ones who shines in the night, a light in the dark. Star tattoos symbolize optimism, dreams and of course, stardom.


Fairy tattoo for the back

Temporary fairy tattoo on the arm

Tinkerbell tattoo

The thing about fairies is that they can make wishes come true.

Music Notes

musical note on wrist

Music notes tattoos and their meaning

Music notes heart

Music notes tattoos are popular not only in musicians but all music lovers. They look beautiful and equally liked by men and women.

Sun Tattoos

Sun tattoo on the back of a neck

Simple sun tattoos with meaning

Sun tattoo on the arm

This is a pretty powerful tattoo. It celebrates the most powerful, the most potent objects visible to mankind. Sun tattoos symbolize “one who will not perish“. The one who gives light, and the one who carries on.
It can also symbolize rebirth, fertility and “a new beginning”.


moon tattoo

moon tattoos and their meaning

A sad moon tattoo

Moon is a pretty cool tattoo. Popular mostly among females but guys also get it often.
It symbolizes peace, drams, divinity, mystery and magic.


Heart 1

Heart 2

Heart 3

It’s a bit obvious that heart tattoos stand for love. Love for your life partner, mom/dad, brother/sister, pet or anyone (or anything, I’ve seen a guy with a heart tattoo with a dollar sign against it).


Crown 1

Crown 2

Crown 3

That’s a pretty cool tattoo as it symbolizes freedom, being your own king or queen or just pure liberty. They are more common among women but popular among men as well.



Sword 2

Sword 1

Sword tattoos symbolize warrior spirit, freedom and hard work. They represent a champion’s attitude.


Snake with an arrow

Snake on the back

Snake on the chest

The ability to renew themselves, that’s what these tattoos mean. Snakes shed skin and get new one. Slytherins also love these tattoos.


Minimal dragonfly tattoo

Simple dragonfly tattoo on the foot

Dragonfly tattoos with meaning

Once again, the power of light, a night bird and this majestic fly is also associated with good luck. They are quite popular among women.

That’s it guys. Today we shared a collection of tattoos with meaning and we’ll be back with more tattoos on next Thursday. Until then, take care.

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