The goal of a billboard is to convey an offer, an announcement or just the company’s name to the general public.

To design a hoarding, first of all you have to think that on which places would the billboards be placed. Where the billboard is focused to be displayed – on roads, beaches, etc. and design accordingly. For example, if the board is to be displayed next to roads, you should not add too much data, rather just a few lines and bitmap image.

When you have the material to put in the hoarding, follow these steps.

  • Make an idea
  • Decide the color scheme of your client’s company.
  • View Billboards of Rival Companies
  • Draw a rough sketch on paper



First step, make the logo & slogan prominent as much as suitable.

Second, highlight the latest offers, or whatever is the focal point of this hoarding.

When you design the billboard remember these things.

Keep it Conceptual

If a person is driving a car on economy speed he can easily focus on your billboard without losing concentration from driving. This is only possible if there is not too much data on your sign board. And most of the billboards are displayed on roads. Overwhelming the driver with a large amount of dispensable information is a bad idea.


Color scheme of the billboard also plays a critical role.

Some billboards have black color schemes. Black color billboards are not so prominent in night without lights. But there’s also the other side of the picture. If the hoarding only has one bitmap as the main object, the background will disappear in the night and only that bitmap will be left hanging in the sky. The result will depend how you use it.

Some color create irritation in the eyes due to their brightness. No doubt it catches the concentration of  the public; but on these type of boards, only the color is prominent, not the actual offer of the company, so avoid such colors.

Good Practices of Designing Hoardings

Ok Sign

Company’s Psyche

Whenever you design a billboard, you must first observe the characteristics of that company, or should I say, psyche. This psyche can be funky, professional, calm, strong… and so on.

You have to put the same psyche in the billboard you will design. If you are designing a hoarding for Disco, you should make a sharp multi-colored board, whereas for a hospital, you should do the absolute opposite. For understanding this psyche, you can just visit the company’s website. That should tell enough about the company’s psyche.

Bitmap Trends

Bitmap images also play a very important role for promoting the item or the offer to the customer. Once the billboard is installed, many viewers will only see the image and will not bother to see the rest of the details, unless the image impresses them. Due to this fact, using the correct image becomes vital; besides the image adds a lot of express into it. This expression can be the key for making good hoardings and signs.


There were many trends related to designing a billboard, but these trends have become very boring these days, for example:

Some people want to highlight the typographic parts of the design, which actually mostly includes their logo. If a board needs typographical design and the design is already very distinctive, it looks very odd. So avoid this thing and if you need to add some typography, you should make the rest of the board very simple. That’s why typography is also  important for designer’s design.

Size Doesn’t Matter

There might be times when the size of the board changes, sometimes the company can decide to advertise on many boards and they all will have different aspect ratios. So you should design it in such a way that if the aspect ratio is ever required to be changed a bit, it can be done easily without having to re-design the whole sign.

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