Windows is the most popular operating system, but its not the most graphical or stylish. But thankfully, it does has the power to be extremely stylish. If you get the right themes for windows 7, your windows can be mind-blowing cool.

Today we are sharing a collection of Windows 7 themes that will stylize your desktop, graphics, animation effects, icons, cursors and everything that can make your screen look boring.

We are sharing windows themes for gamers, car crazies, movie buffs and of course, computer geeks 🙂

Download them all, and enjoy 😉

Themes for Windows 7

And yes, many of these themes work with windows 8 as well.

Ninja Gaiden 3

A very famous game, kind of brutal so don’t use this theme if you have kids.

ninja themes for windows

The Croods Theme

The movie Croods didn’t make it big in the theaters, but the theme is cool.

crood themes

Valentine Special Theme

It still a lot of time left until Valentines day, but if you are a lover, you’d use this theme all year round.

valetine red teddy themes

Crysis Theme

One of the games I absolutely don’t like, but the windows 7 theme is good.

crysis windows theme

Monsters University

I’d love to study in this university. 🙂

monster themes

Need for Speed Rivals

This is the game I love. I play this game on road with cops…. just kidding 😛

NFS windows dektop themes

Iron Man Exclusive

Don’t you just love Robert Downey Jr.

iron man windows 7 theme

Pacific Rim

This a cool theme for windows 7 if you are a gamer.

steel creature windows 7 theme

Alienware Theme

I found this theme to be slowing down computer a little bit, but the theme is awesome.

akien desktop themes of windows

Mass Effect Theme Trilogy

One word: Hot.

battle effect themes free

Grand Theft Auto

GTA created a hype for quite a while. If you are an avid player of GTA then you must use this windows 7 theme.

GTA desktop themes

Ocean Life HD

Ocean is just like another world. A world much bigger than the world we live in… and much much more fascinating.

ocean life theme

Pug Windows 7 Theme

If you wanna go “Aww” whenever you start your computer, then this is the theme to use.

animal themes of windows 7

Maple Leaves in Fall

Autumn is coming, such windows themes should be most appropriate.

free windows nature themes

Candy Theme

“Ooh, candy!” – Johnny Bravo

colorful themes for windows 7

Hong Kong City Nights HD Theme

Do you like traveling to places? Or, if you like Hong Kong, this is the theme to use with windows 7.

city life themes

The One Ring 7 theme

The ring has survived mordor and it has come to your computer.

one ring windows 7 themes

Mac 7 Theme

Install this windows theme and confuse your friends whether you have a Mac or PC.

mac dektop theme for windows 7

7Pro Final for windows 7

The sleekest theme for windows 7.

windows 7 metro boxes theme

budhaxx windows 7 theme

Scary… is it? You have seen nothing!

free windows 7 themes


This is one of the craziest themes for windows 7.

customize windows 7

Windows 8 themes in Windows 7

This is actually a windows 8 theme but it works with windows 7 as well.

windows 8 theme for windows 7

Soft Blue theme

If you like the color blue, this is the theme.

blues theme for windows 7

Nightfall for Windows 7

Very cool calming theme for windows.

night theme for windows

The Dark Knight Theme

If you like Batman, you this is the styling you need on your desktop.

the dark night desktop free theme


The transparencies can make your computer a little slower.

silver x theme for windows 7

Glass Energy Blue

Aero graphics theme for Windows 7.

glass effect theme of windows 7

GNR windows theme

Black and purple is a deadly combo.

horror and battle effect themes for windows

Carbon Fusion For Windows 7

Something for automobile lovers.

car and girl themes for windows 7

Lamborghini Theme

My favorite car!

lamborghini theme to windows 7

Fantasy windows 7 theme

Futuristic themes for Windows 7.

fantasy theme for windows 7

Ferrari Theme

Italy’s pride.

red ferrari theme

Ducati Theme

I don’t always get a bike, but whenever I do, it’ll be a Ducati!

ducatti motorbike theme

Poison Night

This is a unique theme, I don’t really like it but added it in the list anyway.

green and black theme for windows 7

Windows 7 Futuristic Theme

Now this is just confusing… but I loved it.

futuristic theme for windows 7

Desktop Summer

Europe pictures are amazing 🙂

summer street theme for windows


Simple, minimal, stylish.

color ful windows 7 theme

Shine for Windows 7

Another minimalist theme.

shine windows 7 theme

Simple Black Glass

Dark color theme for you.

black theme for windows desktop

Mac OS for Windows 7

Another Mac theme for Windows.

awesome desktop windows theme

windows 7 ultimate black

Another black glass theme.

windows 7 themes collection

windows 7 zune theme

Zune could never become a big thing, but it does has its following and so, a theme.

2013 fresh themes collection  for windows

Waterbomb Windows 7

Waterbomb, that’s the way to war.

water bomb theme for windows

7 xDark Transformation Pack

I loved this theme. Absolutely loved it.

dark effect themes for windows

ThaImpact VS

This one looks a little confusing but actually it is not.

imapct theme for windows 7

Green Spirit

The theme only has shades of green, mainly the theme is gray in color.

green spirit theme for windows

Pastelia for Windows 7

A girly theme. Very cute and pink 🙂

pink desktop themes for windows 7

Clearscreen Sharp for Windows7

This is a true green theme.

clearn and simple themes for windows

Gaia09 VS for Seven

Very clean and simple theme.

themes for windows 7

Purity 7

I loved this theme for its functionality. It didn’t slow down my PC even a bit.

simple grey theme for windows

Elegant Glass

Glass effect. This is one of the best themes in this collection.

windows 7 themes collection

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