Time for some free fonts on Designzzz again. Today we are sharing a collection of slim and thin fonts.

You have probably heard this saying from the fashion world that “the slimmer a model is, the higher she is paid”. Some people strongly believe in this ramp modeling principle that slimness is the decisive beauty, so they apply it in other fields of professions like graphic or web designing, but I strongly differ with this theory though I do realize that sometimes thin fonts do such a perfect the job which solid bold fonts can’t.

You might not think about this but I often use these thin fonts to create headings as well. These thin and slim fonts sometimes give the headings a surprising twist, because if we use these fonts in small point size, they don’t look appealing. So when you use them, it’d be better use them in a big point size.

So when you use them, it’d be better use them in a big point size.

Some famous font families also offer thin or “hairline” weights but we find a wild and free range on the internet that consists of thin fonts only. These thin fonts provide such a classy and elegant feel to your design.

We know that the stroke of thin fonts is so small, they are used only in large sizes and mainly for header work on flyers, posters and packaging. These thin fonts don’t suite for tending to scale down for logo designing, so it’s obvious that to use one for body copy is not a good idea.

No doubt, typography is a critical aspect of graphic and web design as finding the right font often becomes a challenge. If you’re looking for a quality thin or light font, this list  could be an excellent resource. Be sure to check the license before using any freebie in your work.

A basic fundamental element in graphic designing will be the intelligent use of selection of fonts; big and small, square and round, serif and sans-serif, condensed and expanded and so on. We occasionally feel the need of light typefaces, in this respect.

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Ocho Siete

Ocho Siete thin fonts

La Quince de Mayra

La Quince de Mayra slim font


amorino font


arual thin font

Elegant Light

elegant light font


altera font


Montepetrum font

Ganix Apec

ganix apec fonts

(((O))) Basic

basic thing font


rosie font


taller font


elevant font


satin font


matchbook font


Denigan font


labtop font


quick sand thing fonts

St Marie

thin sans serif fonts download pack for graphics and typing writing


rothman font


rale way font

That’s it for today guys. Next, we’ll be back with another free fonts post. Stay tuned and stay creative.

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