Wise men tell us that knowing what to say is important but knowing what NOT to say is rather more important. In the same manner we should know our priorities and what the matters of insignificance are.

We publish many articles about web design tips so let’s carry on with the tradition and learn a few tips that what are the mouth-watering topics web designers often lean towards which they should not. This article is specifically helpful for beginning and intermediate level designers.


Binary Codes

One of the first mistakes we make in the start of our career is that we start dreaming about becoming Web Developer from the very first day. Now you might actually end up being a developer but that’s not right now. First you must focus on your designing, stick with it until it becomes a piece of cake for you, or you decide once and for all switching to development. You can’t be a good designer and a good developer at the same time. HTML CSS is not what I’m talking about, designers should learn it, it’s not that hard and it’ll help you a grand deal.

Attaining Too Much Work

Work Load

Albeit it’s hard to get much work these days, your focus must not be attaining a lot of work, your focus should be on getting better at your job. At first, if you get many orders, yet you don’t have enough expertise to bring all of them good results, this scene ends with you and your clients being unhappy with each other. Bad beginning makes a bad ending.

Big Investments

Spending Money

Sometimes when we learn something, such as web designing, we immediately make big investments on infrastructure of our new business. Hold it right there!

This is the virtual world, if you have an impressive portfolio, it wouldn’t matter if you got a shiny office or if you work from your garage. We make big investments and then we try to charge our clients highly because of our investment. The focus should not be to get fancy furniture and computers you can brag about, keep it modest. Modesty is the best policy.

Trying to be Everything

When we are learning in this field of designing, it’s difficult to keep faith in your niche. If you are a web designer, you don’t have to be good at Logo designing, and vice-versa. We got an example right here on Designzzz, Waseem and Jawad started their careers together on Designzzz just a few months ago. Jawad dived into Web Designing and Waseem picked Graphic Design. Today, both of them are successful because they did not try to be everything. You can be anything but not everything.


Being enthusiastic is good but being wise is vital. I’m not saying that you should not improve, you would and you might be a good programmer and a good web designer at the same time, but that just can’t happen early on. You have to wait for it, and you have to keep on working. You also need to spend your resources coherently. Everybody tells us what to do, it is up to us to realize what not.

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