This article is written keeping designers in mind, but it applies to all of the creative people… in fact the entire world.

Time management is an imperative part of in proportion and balanced life. One of the biggest troubles that designers cope with is management of time in effective way.  It is a common issue with designers that they often find a project taking more time than their estimation.

That happens because of mismanagement of time. If someone wants to be successful in his career, best time management is the key for that.  Time management is not about working harder or putting some extra effort in your work, it’s about learning how to use the time as proficiently and professionally as possible.

Web designers have to deal with several different kinds of responsibilities on daily basis, so they face the challenge of time management every day. There are some software and applications are available online to help you deal with time management. You can also find a lot of useful techniques, tips and tools for the effective management of time but you need to start with the basics in order to learn managing your time more successfully.

Time Management

To-do List

Try to develop a habit of making a to-do list early in the morning. If you have a list of things-to-be-done, you can save a great deal of time you spend in remembering them. This also wave out the risk of forgetting important tasks. A to-do list can be very helpful to get work done effectively and productively.

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Sample to do list

Analyze your Daily Schedule

It is an imperative element in process of time management that you know what useful and unnecessary things you are doing most of the time. First you need to observe your daily routine and make a list of all the avoidable and pointless things you waste your time on, and then eliminate them from your life.  Making a perfect daily schedule is not that difficult but sticking to that schedule demands focus and dedication. Make sure that you are organizing your routine in a way that is possible for you to follow.

Make Outlines

Make an outline of important elements before starting a project, it can save you a great deal of time. An outline will enable you to see how your project is going to look, so it will help you if you want to bring important changes. It will reduce the possibility of doing your work again due to unsatisfactory outcome.

Time Management Tools

Use of simple time management tools can be really helpful and time saving. There are several online tools available for effective management of time. Do not choose a complex application that will waste your time instead of saving it.  With the help of a simple and easy time management app you can make your daily schedule online and even set alarms for different tasks.  Google calendar is one of most beneficial time management tool available. You can make your monthly as well daily schedule on it. Besides Google calendar there are many websites available to help you save your time. These websites offer you to make to-do lists, client data, contact books, automatics invoices and more.

Google Calendar is a simple, yet efficient time management tool

Google Calendar is a simple, yet efficient time management tool.

Take a Break

Organization of breaks during your is actually more important than organizing work schedule. Once we work on something and start to feel tired, we take a break and sometimes we take breaks more often than necessary that can cause us waste of time. Make your schedule by taking a rough estimate of amount of time you will need to spend on a certain project then include a 15 minute break before adding the next project. This way you will know that you cannot take breaks on your own.

Organize Workplace

In order to manage your time effectively you need to make sure that you have a professional and organized environment for work in very significant even if you are working at home. Keep your work place clean and organized and confirm that you have all the necessary tools and equipment you will need to work.  Get time to reorganize and check for updates at least twice a month. A better work place will help you save time as well enhance your work level.

A neat and clean workspace

A neat and clean workspace. (Photo courtesy of Sarah Parmenter)

Stay Focused

Another important time management factor is to work on something without any interruption. Use the power of your brain to completely focus on your project because every time you get distracted it will take your brain more than 20 minutes to get back on track. A silent and uninterrupted environment will help you concentrate and keep your focus on your work. Set blocks of time to work more efficiently, for instance work for 90 minutes straight without losing your focus for a second and then take a break then start the next 90 minute block.

Artificial Deadlines

Giving yourself artificial deadline is another useful time management basic tool. Human mind works more well in a competition, so challenging your own self can be really helpful in saving time. Give a project a time limit and then in competition with yourself, try to get that project done before the time limit. This way you will enjoy the little victory and your work will be done before its deadline.

Avoid Distractions

Avoid distractions like social networking sites, messengers and mobile phones. These kinds of distractions are the biggest obstacles in your work. Make sure that you are only opening your favorite social networking site once your work is done or you are on break. Eradicate of any other habit that you think can be a reason for your late work.

Stick to Schedule

Making a schedule is one thing and follow it is another. We often find it too hard to follow our schedule as it is. Sticking to schedule is a sign of successful person so first organize your to do things as effectively as possible and second no matter what stick to your time limit for every task. To avoid any risks you can make your schedule in a way that it includes margins for your work in case you waste your some of your work time.


Perfect organization of your business and personal life can bring you prosperity and success. One can have a thriving business as well a peaceful life just by better management of time. Learn and apply the basics of sound time management by taking guidance from above tips.

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