This is the 21st century and life is more competitive than ever. Now days many of us believe that we have to work more than any of our prior generations. There are two ways exceed in this intense struggle for success. One is work Harder, harder than anybody else. The second way is to work Smarter. I personally like the second way and that’s how I work, and that is why I’m writing this article today to guide you how to be great at work without making tooooo much effort. Here, you will learn how to boost your productivity and manage your work-load effectively.


tips to increase productivity at work

Let’s discuss the most important topic first. Productivity is general the term everyone uses to describe the balance between quantity and quality. Due to the fact that both of these parameters are inversely proportional, we have to elevate the level of quality and the amount of quantity equally. It sounds tricky but actually it’s not. Let’s have a look.

Stay Focused

You must have read and heard a lot of things about multi-tasking. Forget them, the only way to succeed is only to focus on job in hand. At work, focus on the task you have taken, in home focus on your family. Don’t take two or three tasks at the same time. One step at a time guarantees progress. If you take two or three tasks at the same time or if you are a home-based worker and doing 2-3 jobs at the very same time, you won’t succeed in a single one.  If I write this article while listening to some music, I’m bound to make a lot of mistakes and from you, I’ll receive nothing but curses.

The Boss is Always ……

Ali, another writer at Designzzz sometimes say, “The Boss is Always Rat”. Yes he does mean it. He might have had some bad experiences, but it’s true that your boss does not know everything, he does not have to, you are the person who should be right always. The problem is sometimes when the boss asks us to do something we don’t realize that what is the actual motive behind it. For example, if your boss asks to make a presentation. These are the aspects you should observe before starting any work:

  • Where the presentation will be shown?
  • What are the motives targeted to achieve from this presentation?
  • What kind of presentation does the prospected audience like?
  • What kind of presentation your boss likes?
  • What is the deadline?

Measuring all these things would only take moments but if you do consider all these things, your presentation is bound to receive praises.

Staying Active

In child’s story a rabbit may go to sleep and turtle wins, but in this world, only the rabbit wins the race. You should be as agile as a rabbit, for that do the basic exercises. A dull body cannot have a sharp mind, just Yoga and meditation may change your world. Try it.

Staying Positive

thinking positively

I think being realistically optimistic is being positive. Let’s see how can we stay positive.

Stress Management

According to many, slow living is the best way to live. It keeps the stress away and stress is the main reason for most of our problems. Giving time to your family and friends helps you to stay calm. Changing your routine once a while and going for trip vitalizes you a great deal. Also try to quit smoking if you do.

Be Fresh

Coffee is a magical drink to stay active. Wearing a light perfume is also a good idea. Everyone takes a bath before going to the office, let me give you a little trick to be ultra-fresh. Harold Robbins has revealed a freshness formula in one of his novels. When you are taking a shower, close down the warm water and face only the cold chilling water for just a second, then switch back to the warm water. You will feel like a electricity passed through you and it charged you up. I’ve tried it, I hate to say it but it works.


Believe that you can. I don’t really have a tip for you here. That just something you would have to do yourself. Whatever you are doing, believe that you can be the best in it.  Think before taking a decision, think twice before taking a decision but, once you have taken a decision, burn the boats, no turning back now, keep your faith and believe…

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