I’ve had my share of ups and downs of the industry. And now after being through all that and finally succeeding in the industry and moving on to the next level, I sometimes look back and think that how easy it would have been had somebody gave me this advice in the beginning..!

You might have read articles on the same topic but this is something new. Usually what happens on internet is that one guy creates a magnificent article and then copycats do their work. I’m writing it from my own experience and I haven’t even read any of those articles.

Advice for design professionals.

Wake up early: this is something I never achieved in the early ages, I was always working never having an idea that clock has started to curse me.
Believe you me, when you are working in the nights, you feel that you shouldn’t break the momentum and keep on, but actually if you wake up with everybody else, or maybe just a little later, you can work more than you actually do in nights. But if your problem is concentration, there’s disturbance in the day, than of course, you don’t have a choice other than the night.

Plan for days and weeks, not months and years: life will never go according to the plan, why make a plan then? make plans only for the job in hand. For example, if your aim is to become a designer, don’t plan like this;

Month 1. I learned illustrator, drawing.
Month 2. I bought a laptop, I made a portfolio, I started freelancing.
Month 5. I saved enough money to make an office, hired a subordinate.
Month 10. I’m a successful  designer, bought my car.
Month 15. Got a loan, expanded business
Month 20. I’m getting married to the love of my life.
Month 50. I’m section incharge in Microsoft!

If you just focus on Month 1, 20 and 50, you will get your targets, but if you try to focus all of that, you’ll get nowhere. Just keep your destination in mind, don’t care about the path, life gives you a path, don’t try to make your own.

Trying too much: ambition and age are directly proportional. When I started, I wanted to become Steve Jobs, Micheal Jordan and Jerry Seinfeld simultaneously. You shouldn’t try to become a designer/programmer/businessman all in one, just focus on one thing.

Following the footsteps: sometimes what happens is that we are so much inspired by somebody that we start trying to become him/her. The only person you can become is You! inspiration is one thing and copying is another, don’t copy, get inspiration, add your spice, make something new!

Staying Healthy: ambition is a dangerous thing, you never know when you’re having too much of it. Sometimes you don’t care about sickness, you think like “it’s just a flue, I’ll get the medicine when I have time“, sometimes this kind of attitude get’s you in deep trouble. Also try to keep up with your exercise routine.

Ergonomics: Ergonomics is the science of arranging furniture in such a way that workers can be most active yet comfortable. Arrange your workplace ergonomically. You can view this youtube for more details.

I’m cutting this article short on just 6 tips, if you like it, do tell me, I’ll make another article.
See You 🙂

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