Launching a website isn’t such a big deal as it was some years ago, but there is still a long way to go until people are fully educated about the power and the huge possibilities of the online medium. It is somehow sad that, even though we live in the digital era, there are still a lot of people who disregard the Internet and its network advantages. On the other hand, staying up-to-date with the latest news about this amazing entity is a chimera; changes happen with the speed of light and no one can resist to this phenomenal flux. People that are frequently interacting with a PC learn & understand better (and faster) all the capacities of this medium in comparison to those who do not use it at work, so practicing may be the solution to evolve and stay updated.

It is not a secret that both web design freelancers and companies have clients with a vague impression about what they want and they really need to find out more about advantages/disadvantages of a cool online presence. I believe that the web design blogosphere must be of real help for someone who is thinking that he needs a website but has very superficial or no knowledge about this particular field.

It can certainly get boring for the web designers but useful for amateurs. Personally, I believe any blog that addresses the freelance or web design world should offer a few posts and ideas from the perspective of a client. Once you help them, they will help you too! Here are some pieces of advice and short explanations; I hope you will find my tips inspiring and by all means, don’t be afraid to share your thoughts with us.

Perspicuous Definition of Website Purpose

Tips for Designers

From the starting point, when you take into consideration the launch of the website, it is highly recommended to select a clear destination. Designers have the tendency to state that they can do every modification or redesign only to gain the project but it’s a difficult and time consuming activity to actually execute it. Imagine that someone initially wanted a blog but a few months later he decides that an online store may be a better opportunity: how could someone modify it? It’s feasible, but it also eats up a lot of time which could be saved if there was a well defined purpose in the first place. An idea about the website is the basis of a long-time strategy and, in this context, the chances of being successful are higher.

Select a Wise Domain Name

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Any website needs more and more visitors in order to be considered a good affair; obtaining traffic (visitors per unit of time, such as a month) is the real challenge for anyone owning an online presence. A small element which has a great influence in the perpetual attempt to get visitors is the domain name. It’s simple, what do you believe to fit better as the name of an online store selling shoes: “” or “”? The domain name is the online name of the business, it is crucial to have one that explains the field of activity in a clear way. It’s true that the usual domains name is more expensive but in the most cases the money invested is turned into a good profit.

Go for Works, NOT Words


Once the first two above problems have been settled, it is the time to go deeper; the next step is to hire the best designer to create the most exciting layout, but how to contact such a good specialist? There are two solutions:

  • contact a specialized company from your city or near you
  • use the service of a freelancer

The first one guarantees a high level of quality while the other one seems to be cheaper and offer more personalized solutions. Anyway, the most important factor in choosing the best solution is to ask for samples of previous work; it really doesn’t matter how nice and persuading a designer talks – the portfolio must be the instance which is objective and doesn’t lie.

SEO is Vital, not Optional

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A very common mistake of website owners is neglecting the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) measure implementation. A successful website isn’t only about beautiful design and a precise code – its profitability heavily relies on advertising & optimization, so as to be No. 1 in the searches of the Internet users is not optional, but mandatory. In these circumstances, it is clear that a smart strategy of promotion and a determined SEO policy are the key aspects to get your website noticed and outshine its competitors.

An SEO specialist is almost everyone and their promises are amazing – first position of the first page for a lot of good keywords… In reality only a few are really capable of this thing and they ask for big amounts of money. The worst news stop here: SEO is a never ending process, the crawlers of the search engines work on a weekly basis – changing algorithms and, to be on top, it’s necessary to react positively to the new adjustments.

Ending Notes

The lingo might seem complicated but it isn’t impossible to learn it.

HTML and CSS are common terms for any web designer and developer. On the other hand, regular folk without any interest in these particular fields are often helpless in the most unhappy circumstance where they have to sink deep inside these coding languages. If it’s your case and you’re hesitating whether or not you really need to understand CSS & HTML, well… the answer is yes, you do. An example can be made of our Chief Editor who, in spite of his lack of talent in coding, managed to take the plunge and simply forced himself into learning the basics, otherwise his ineptness of proper management of his websites would cause far more trouble. Step by step, everything is possible, all the designers & developers have also started from scratch, they weren’t born inside the <html> tags!

In conclusion, launching a website isn’t simple or difficult, it is how you manage to handle the situation and a prepared specialist is better than two or three total newbies. Patience and strong will are two very important qualities in order to pass the difficult and inevitable situations but in conjuction with hard work impossible will become an obsolete word.

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