Let’s change the routine and write something for the not so experienced ones. This article is about learning the things which are not told in books or by the teachers. These tips will help learning designers streamline their efforts towards their ultimate goals and achieving them easily.

By beginning designers I mean the ones who have spent less than 3-4 years in the business. Yes, if you are in this field for 2 years, you are just a beginner. Some people do find their way sooner but I’m talking about the majority.

Discover your Style

tips for beginners

A designer can be good at all types of designing but he will be great only in one type of it. One may not be much with logo designing but can be great with web design, and vice versa. Some designers only go for artistic works such as photo manipulations, some even go to advance levels and become a 3D designer or visual (video) graphics designer.

It is important to discover the niche that suits you the most but you’ll only find that by practicing, after all, practice makes a designer perfect. Follow all kinds of tutorials and there will be one kind on which you’ll enjoy the most working with. That is your niche. Your niche should only be based on your talent, not for stupid reasons like “I should choose this type because these designers are paid the best.” Always remember the golden words there’s always room at the top.

Source for Inspiration

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Who doesn’t like nature, right? Nature photos are loved by everyone. Now what you should do is try to copy nature’s designing, such as gradients of rainbows, textures on butterflies and the unique color scheme of a bright day (blue sky and orange sunlight) into your digital canvas.

If you are leaning towards web designing, next step would be a theme based designing, for example you might create a web design based on the theme of Chess. Practicing and surfing the internet would provide you a lot of inspiration.

Job or Freelancer

If you can find it out in the beginning of your career whether you’re going to be freelancing or working as an employee, it will certainly help you a great deal with streamlining your efforts. You can visit Why to Get a Job and Why Choose Freelancing to learn more about the difference and pros and cons of these two types of earning.

If you are a person with multiple skills and you are good at management and communication as well as designing, then you can easily become a successful freelancer. But in freelancing, there’s no guaranteed check at the end of the month. At a start of your career, I suggest you should do a few jobs, they will train you for business. You will also have something to write on resume and portfolio.

Setting up the Goals

Tips for Designers

Where do you see yourself after 10 years? What is the destination you want to reach? We can clear the path once we know the destination.

To some, starting their own business is everything, whether it’s in a small shop by the corner of the street. Some only dream about a corner office in the big company. Get your goal clear and aim high, maybe not the sky but high. Going with the flow is a good habit but going with the flow without knowing where you’re going is just stupidity.


When you start your career, you need a lot of inspiration. Find that inspiration around you. In the beginning, you need to fill up your resume with something impressive, for that you should do a couple of jobs and internships, even if you don’t feel like it. The target is to work with seasoned professionals. They do help a great deal. And last but not the least, you must, must keep visiting Designzzz. We provide a big resource for inspiration and also a lot of tutorials and freebies, and that’s all the ingredients required to be a successful designer.

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