I know the word “nailing” is not as dignified as our articles should be but one thing I have learned so far in my stay at Designzzz is that you guys don’t wanna listen to a professor, you want somebody who is friendly with you and shares his career experiences openly. So I’m just speaking the language that connects to you, and that is our topic of today, Connecting with New Clients Efficiently.

Of course, all your clients deserve to be treated well but new ones should be given something extra so that we can ensure the growth of our business. Today we’ll focus on that ‘something extra.’

Every client has specific needs

Dealing with Client

Mostly all clients have the same kind of problems but they all want (and deserve) tailor made solutions. The problem here is that usually we don’t have the time to listen to their non-technically approached says. It is rather more important to listen than to speak.

Relations Need Communication

Tips for Web Designers

We usually send email updates of our work… Not Enough!!! You need live communication, phone is good but face-to-face is best. You need this to understand the unsaid things such as how their business is running or what are they making of your work until now. You can openly ask them about their satisfaction level if you want.

Use Social Networks Effectively

Engaging New Clients

Facebook, Twitter and now Google Plus are great ways to keep connected with your clients. If you keep updating your clients and prospect clients through twitter, the clients will feel a lot safer coming to you than going anywhere else. The worst thing that could happen is spam and negative comments on your social networking page, but you’ll have to monitor it, that’s sure.

Organize Events

engaging and dealing new clients

A simple breakfast seminar is a great way to have a get-together with the experts of field and you can invite local media and possible clients. You can arrange such seminars as often as every month, they don’t cost much the publicity and new clients you obtain are valuable. Such events are also the best time to introduce new offers.


Properly engaging with the new clients is the key to success, if you can’t make new clients, you can make any clients, its simple math. So make sure you make the right first impression and lay foundation for a strong relationship.


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