They say never judge a book by its title, but we do that, don’t we? Haven’t you ever bought a product just because its advert was nice…. I’m sure you have. There are many things running in the market just because of their marketing.  In fact, young college  students also spread fake information about themselves to be popular – that’s also marketing.

I know many IT specialists who are great at what they do but they just can’t market their product properly. Today I’m not going into all the subjects about marketing, I’ll rather focus on presenting your sample designs, the prototype designs you show to your clients which (we think) are almost destined to be rejected, we will try to change their destiny today. Learn how to present your designs in a way that the clients should drool over it.

Presenting in a Restaurant

Image from Giving Professional Design Presentation Formally and Informally

Updating: Always, always keep your client updated with the proceedings, like which base color you selected or if you are adding a funk style or the element for elegance. These are the things which should NEVER be a shock to the client when he sees the design.

Making the Mood: It is vital that your client should be in a good mood when he takes a first-look at your design. So you can throw in a little joke or maybe a funny video. I once had a lawyer client I was making a web design for. I used to tell him lawyers jokes, hot burning lawyer jokes. He loved them. There was one meeting when I stayed serious and he felt disappointed. I wouldn’t encourage you to take such a risk, I think safe side is better, for instance if you know that your client hates the government, tell him a joke about the government. Almost everybody hates governments.

Lorem Ipsum: We don’t realize how harmful this filler type data is; such as Lorem Ipsum in web designs or even if you are designing something related to print media. Put genuine content in there, clients don’t usually have such imagination that they could visualize the final result, they just don’t like the Lorem Ipsum. You should ask the client for text data if he hasn’t already provided it.

Opening Document: When you open your document (presuming it’s a Photoshop file), do it at the zoom level with the best view, make sure all unnecessary layers are hidden and there is nothing irrelevant on the screen. If you send over a picture, never ever be afraid of the file size, send them the highest quality image. If you are there physically, try to keep talking while you open the design and tell them little things which you thought about while designing it.

Live Meeting: Try to be there physically when it is time present your design, if you can’t be there, arrange a virtual meeting and you should both be online and talking to each other. That is because sometimes clients make questions and perceptions which must be adjusted on-the-spot, otherwise you’ll be in trouble.

That’s it for now, this was again one of those quick articles which only require 2-3 minutes to read. Please comment and guide me what kind of change would you like in the upcoming articles.

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