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As you may already know, website conversion rate actually shows a percentage of people that, out of those visiting your site in a particular period of time, actually made a purchase or took the action website owners want them to take. Basically, what’s really vital in this case is not to increase the number of visitors your website has, but to apply an effort to turn more of your store visitors into buyers. First of all, it is highly essential to accurately measure website’s conversion rates immediately before or after any significant website changes are made. This will help you to develop trends and track those design styles your site’s visitors favor most.

Design to Convert

DesignOne of the easiest and most pleasing ways to improve your conversion rate is to redesign your current website and make it helpful in graphically delivering the info that you think will help your visitors take a purchase decision.

If to dig deeper into the design issues, think about the best products and the most important information that should be put up front. In any key shopping area of your website it’s better to highlight only exclusive, best ones or special featured products or services. You can include, for instance, the trusty top seller lists (in the main navigation or as a prominent link) since consumers are inclined to put their faith in what other people are buying, plus not everyone has the time to fully explore the product range. Also, the option of the order inquiry should not be laid aside. Better include the “buy now” or “add to cart” buttons to provide your customers with a way to ask for a sale. In addition to top sellers section, embrace various testimonials, customer or trade reviews, press mentions or awards. Just make the most out of something good people say about your company, services or products.

Use Design Hints

Design HintsThere are little tricks every professional eCommerce designer uses in his works, utilizing the way human brain works. For instance, everything that is crucial on your website should make the fold on the top portion of the web page. Plus keep the important content closer to the top left corner of the page, that’s the place human eye usually starts scanning the page. Besides, that will ensure the most comfortable scrolling.

Loading Speed

It is also recommended to have good website loading speed with all the graphics optimized solely to support the main message. That is a crucial factor especially for shopping areas and main category pages. In this case you can use thumbnail images that can be enlarged if your visitor wants more information. Additionally, make sure you’ve tested the front page of your website by setting the monitor to several resolutions.

Extend Communication

Connect communicationIt’s also possible to get more immediate purchases having newsletter sign-up specials or discounts. Apart from enhancing your website credibility, such prominent email signup links have a dual benefits capturing more clients and inviting more sales. Also don’t forget to consider to embrace social networking as a way to distribute your special offers info.

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