Top 16 Free Online Tools for Designers

In this collection I’ve gathered for you some of the best free online tools for designers that I find the most useful for me and I believe that they will be also as useful for you. These tools will help you in developing websites, validating their code, managing your time and projects. This collection consist of differentiated tools that everyone should have bookmarked and I believe that you’ll have an opportunity to use at least some of them soon!


That’s one of the most popular tools for web designers since it’s created by Adobe. It allows you to pick some color schemes for your websites and or create new ones. Definitely worth visiting and it may prevent you from picking poor color combination.

kuler tool for designers


This tool allows web designers to test different fonts in real-time setting. You can modify font properties and quickly check what works for you and what doesn’t look good enough.

TypeTester Tool for designers


I’m sure that you already know that tool. It allows you to generate some random text that looks like real text. Very useful if you’d like to have some placeholder for text in your works.

Lorem Ipsum text generator for designers


This is an imitation of Photoshop. It is not very useful tool for average person since we tend to use Adobe Photoshop but all in all it’s definitely worth visiting because it’s one of the most advanced tools on my list. If you don’t have Adobe Photoshop check it out! It will quickly help you to edit your photos and images and it’s available online.

Pixlr photo editor


A MUST HAVE plugin for Firefox for every web developer. I can’t even imagine my work without it. It allows you to quickly monitor, and debug CSS, HTML, and JavaScript code. If you don’t have it yet go ahead and dowlonad it as soon as possible.

firebug for designers


That’s also one of my favourites. Everytime you stumble across any font and want to find out what’s that font you can use this tool to check it for you. It doesn’t always work correctly but it works quite fine for popular and clean fonts.

what the font for designers


This tool enables you to create custom forms that can be filled by anyone. It’s very useful if you want to keep things tidy while you work on something that requires databases to keep data. In some cases it’s far better than using Microsoft Excel or even your own database.

wufoo tool for designers

Google Docs

Another tool that you may be familiar with already but in case you’re not Google Docs allows you to easily manage your documents. You can use it for personal purposes or even in your company. The best thing about it is that it is accessible from everywhere so you can have safe copy of your documents online.

google docs for designers

Test Everything

Very useful website for web developers. This tool enables you to check various things about websites (e.g. if its code is valid or what’s its position in ranking). It generates links to some great websites that offer useful services so you’ve got everything in one place.

test everything for designers


Another website worth visiting by web developers. It enables you to check how does your website look like across various browsers and systems. It takes some time before it generates all the screen shots but it’s better solution than doing it manually.

browser shots for designers

Simple Invoices

This tool is equivalent to invoice applications. It enables you to create and manage invoices. It’s free to use but your invoices will have their logo included. It’s a good alternative to expensive invoice applications.

simple invoices generator


OpenProj is an excellent alternative to Microsoft Visio and other advanced management applications. It has all of the most important functions and since it’s free it’s perfect for small companies and for small projects.


It’s a web-based image resizer with many useful functions. By using it you can quickly resize, modify and optimize images.

web resizer tool for designers

BG Patterns

That’s something great and powerful. It generates custom web patterns that you may use in your projects. It gives you almost unlimited possibilities and it comes with many different shapes.

background patterns for designers

Stripe Generator

Another very powerful web-based application. It allows you to generate stripe backgrounds for websites. I sometimes find it useful also for other kinds of work.

Stripe Generator for designers


Interesting application that enables you to create custom web menus. It’s a great free menu builder to speed up your web development work.

izzy menu for designers

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