Designers and photographers often need stock images to spice-up their works. There are many websites which provide these stock photos, some are free and some are paid aka premium. Today I’m making a list of the best sites from both categories.

There just too many premium stock sellers and if I had gone on to naming them all, the post would have become a meaningless pile of data. Instead, I have selected only the ones which have something unique in them, something that others don’t have, and I have wrote down that something right here.
The free ones also have their brief bio written with them.



One of the most renowned premium photo sellers.

Premium stock images


This is probably the site that provides best balance amongst cost and quality.

free and premium stock photos


You want variety? You go to Shutter Stock.

Jupiter Images

They sell stock to many of the world’s leading magazines.

Getty Images

If you need an image related to news or a current event. You will not find a better place to get it.

News Stock Photos

Corbis Images

If someone pins me down on gunpoint and orders me give him a name for the best stock image seller, I’d name this site.

Premium Stock Photos


Image Base

Best thing about this site is they have all the HD pictures. Commercial use is allowed. If you can, you should donate a few pictures to them.

free high resolution stock photos

Morgue File

A very simple website, open, search and find.

Free Stock image

Free Stock Photos

It may not be the biggest resource on internet but still a considerable one.

Free stock photos

Amazing Textures

This is the place to get walls, grass and such background textures.

Free texture stock images

Free Image Files

Doesn’t has a search button yet, but commercial use allowed. With some digging you can find a gem.

Free Image Files

Image After

Design of this site may suggest something else but it is highly valuable resource for finding textures. Stock photography is there as well.

Free stock images and textures

Creativity 103

Blurs, abstractions, macro textures, shadow and light + everything that’s a little bit strange!

Creative free photos

Aarin Free Photo

Although the site only has 950 pictures, most of them pretty useful for bloggers.

Aarin free images


This is not exactly a stock images site, it is a network of photographers. But it completely free and some images are free to use. If you are a photographer, you MUST visit it.

Best Stock Images


Well, this is the obvious one. It is the largest network of artists on internet.

Deviant Art

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