The rapid growth of online businesses today has seen lots of online entrepreneurs springing up. The online store sector seems to be breaking in lots of revenue every year, and the opportunities that it presents for business owners continues to rise.

The advantage which online businesses have over physical retail shops is the fact that they offer more opportunities for revenue returns while incurring relatively lesser costs to set up.

However, while you consider setting up a profitable e-commerce investment, it is essential that you make diligent investments in the best apps and tools that are required for online business growth and ROI maximization. If you are an online business owner, here are eight applications that your store needs right now.


Make use of SkuHarmony to sync Shopify with Square easily. SkuHarmony is built to help business owners take inventory counts accurately and in an automated manner across their Square and Shopify platforms in synchrony.

Whatever SKU units are sold in one platform, say Shopify, will be deducted in an automated manner from the other platform, say square. SkuHarmony has done made it extremely easy for e-store owners to efficiently keep the inventory counts between these two locations synchronized.

It, also, is built with an interface that is user-friendly which helps it to tackle any inconsistencies that may arise. Therefore, any events that occur such as refunds or placement of orders on any of the platforms will reflect automatically within just a short time in the other platform.


With Weglot, people who own stores on Shopify can now have a multilingual website for themselves. It comes with an interface that is very easy for anyone to use and gives you the ability to manage translations in a very simple manner.

We make use of the Shopify translation app, your store can get translated into various languages and apart from being able to add more fresh languages, you will be able to translate every content on your store into the languages without any prior knowledge of coding whatsoever.

Weglot is highly compatible with Shopify in all ramifications and the ability to connect with customers through the native language that they speak will help you to generate more leads. Another great part about this app is that it is optimized for search engine optimization.


Opinew – Shopify Products Reviews App and Importer is very important when it comes to helping an online store to be very effective while increasing productivity and revenue. Then again, reviews are an important element for every business since it is one factor that influences the decisions of buyers When trying to decide whether a product will match their needs or not.

Sellers need to know that negative reviews can harm their brand reputation. Opinew takes all of this into consideration, as well as, the fact that reviews have a sort of connection to SEO. With this Shopify app, you get the chance of ranking using your star ratings.

SMS Notifications

For shop owners that are constantly trying to locate ways to carry out abandoned cart recovery, here’s some great news for you. SMS Notifications is the best tool for abandoned cart recovery via SMS.

With this Shopify application, you’ll be able to update your customers regarding the creation of orders using Sms, notify them on their orders status, create orders, fulfill orders, cancel orders, and go on to recover abandoned carts via SMS.

Now you can connect with your customers in 220+ countries and get customers that abandoned carts converted as a way of recouping funds that would be lost otherwise.


For online businesses to stand the chance of succeeding, they must learn to generate leads. Early visitors that access your online shop need to be converted. OptiMonk can be used to capture email subscribers Without any hassle as your business expands.

Visitors who are known to have visited your shop but left without carrying out any desirable action and are likely not to return again need to be targeted. Emails are one of the most efficient ways to get in touch with these potential customers and persuade them comma as first-timers, to purchase from your shop in the future.

Build a robust list of emails using OptiMonk and connect with these customers via newsletters and even if they do not make immediate purchases, you can get them converted as you keep interacting with them via emails. OptiMonk is a fantastic app for lead generation and is GDPR compliant.


JivoChat remains a fabulous Shopify chat app that is dedicated to helping e-store owners assist all their clients who visit their shop and it remains a perfect chat for website and a way to help you grow your sales.

When you utilize the JivoChat widget, you can establish communication with various visitors at the same time in a seamless manner. Also, the application comes with features that are fantastic such as color-coded chats, hotkeys, and more.

You will, also, find out this application comes with a translator compatible with 90 different languages while offering you valuable insight into who your visitors are by providing information such as their location or click source.


SyncSpider, an e-Commerce Syncing Software, Has successfully changed the game with respect to how online shop solutions, as well as, online marketplaces get to communicate.

For the integration of all your ecommerce platforms, this is just the right tool that you need. To carry out options such as imports, exports, or data syncing, SyncSpider is the perfect solution.

With this Shopify app, all challenges that applied to manage large sets of data can be circumvented while trying to maintain updated records across different systems.


Conserve time and create a brand that is unique using this Shopify page builder. Now you have a perfect app that can be used to add customized features that help to improve the uniqueness of your store.

The drag and drop editor is very potent. DragDropr enables you to create blogs, customized products, as well as, fresh web pages and all this can be done easily without any difficulties.

If you really want to enhance your brand’s uniqueness, this hot tool comes with widgets that will help you customize your store via tweaks of shop product elements and more.


The way in which online businesses interact with their customers will go a long way in determining how successful such businesses will be.

Statistics reveal that 86% of consumers admitted that they don’t mind receiving promotional emails from businesses and companies they do business with at least monthly.

Proactive businesses must begin to take steps to incorporate these processes into their business operations in other to drive sales and improve conversions.

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