One way to be creative in designing is to be stupid. For example you might be thinking that who would wanna use distorted fonts in their design? Everybody..!

But still, you have to be stupid wisely…. does this sentence itself sound stupid? Let me explain. For elegant designs, such as a design for a bank or any corporate firm you need elegant fonts, but when if you are making a design for something hardcore trashy, such as X-Games poster, you need trashy fonts.

This kind of fonts make your designs eye-catching and memorable. They add the out-of-the-box value in your designing and believe it or not, they do look superb if used properly.

This is the routine Thursday Treat that we publish each week. Our members can download these fonts in a single zip and you can also visit the source to download it.

Download All Distorted Together

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Now you see me, now you don’t

Free distorted fonts

Jopea 302

jopea distorted font

All Over Again

all over again trashy font


riot font

Secret Stick

secret stick font


ultramat font


punk font

Crazy Killer

crazy killer font

Hardcore Pen

hardcore pen font


angry blue distorted font

Brand New Day

brand new day font

Thurston Erc

thurston erc font

Barbies Jalous Sisters

barbie font

Just Jessie

trashy distorted fonts

Secret Labs

secret lab font


paintball font

Ghund Ziliag

ziliag font

Asian Girl

asian girl font


ginga font


wahroonga font


scribble font

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