Wood carving is one of the most creative art forms that is practiced by the artists from the prehistoric times for depicting different things. This art form is still in vogue and all around the world art lovers are going to find different kinds of wooden artifacts.

One unique form of wood carving is tree carving. In these artworks, an entire tree is carved out in a definite shape resembling someone or something. Very old trees that have become matured completely have the hardest wood and their trunks are also huge.

These are the best suited for tree carving.

The creative artists have to undergo a lot hard work and toil to carve out a perfect figure out of the ancient tree trunks and it often takes months to carve out a complete structure.

In this article, we have compiled a list of the most amazing examples of tree carvings from all over the globe. The creativity of the artists is definitely going to amaze the viewers.

Different kinds of structure are presented in these tree carvings like a short Totem, the entire structure of Buddha, smiling hospitable face, animals in their natural habitat and much more.

These are definitely a treat to the viewer’s eyes. It will also inspire and stimulate them to come up with stretch their imagination and come up with more creative results. Share this awesome and inspiring collection with your friends to give these amazing artworks their due recognition.

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Wood Carving Tools & Techniques for Absolute Beginners

Amazing Wood Carvings

1. Short totem

huge face carving in tree

2. Carved Tree Face

face carved in tree

3. The Tree of Life

tree of life

4. 3 Faces

faces tree carving

5. Buddha carved into a tree

buddha carved in tree

6. Holling worth lake carving

old face carved in tree

7. You’re Welcome

abstract faces carved

8. Carvings on The Tree of Life

animals carving on the tree of life

9. Red Kite Carving

red kite carving

10. King Offa

king offa carved in tree

11. Big owl Wood Carving

Owl carved in tree

12. Carved Jesus

jesus carved in tree wood

13. Log Carvings

man sculpture carved in log

14. Carved tree other side

birds carved on tree

15. My kinda alligator… LOL

alligator carved in tree

16. Wildlife Carving

wildlife carving

17. Fisherman on top of a tree

fisherman carving on tree

18. Carving – Eternal Treehouse

red indian face carved tree house

19. Chainsaw-Carvings

kids working carvings

20. Tintern

tintern queen carved in wood

21. Changeling

fairy carved

22. Tree carving

huge face tree carving

23. Carving 1 of 3

colorful animals carved in tree

24. Tree Carving by Tarastrid

old man carved face

25. Rise to the sky

structure carved in trees

26. Carved

old man face tree carved

27. Indian Tree Carving

red indian carved in tree

28. Badger

badger carved in tree

29.  Shhh

praying carved wood

30.  A carved tree

abstract tree carvings

31.  Rip van Wrinkle

rip van wrinkle

32. Tlingit Tree Carving

tlinglit carving

33.  Last One Standing

last man standing carving

34.  Sorrow of an Indian

sad red indian face carving

35.  Eagle Carved Tree

eagle carved trees

36.  The Aged Tree

the aged tree

37.  There be Dragons

dragons carved in wood

38.  Tree carving by Maxine

abstract tree carvings

39.  Indian tree carving

feather face indian wood carving

40.  Puuhonua o Honaunau


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