Love, just this word takes you to another land. Love is what makes us human. Love is what makes us special.
To celebrate this wonderful specialty, I have selected my favorite love quotes from around the internet.

These love quotes are sure to take you on a journey to fantasy land. That’s a place that is not out there but inside us… and those who are in love, have located that place.

If you know me, you would know that I never miss add a bit of humor in all of my posts, so I have in this one also. In this post, you will catch some humorous love quotes as well.

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True Love Quotes for Him and Her

Forever and ever. Love quotes for couples.

Forever and ever. Love quotes for couples.

There’s one thing I want to change in my girl.

I want to change your last name

Love is beyond measurement.

The most beautiful things in the world - love quote.

One of my favorite love quotes about relationships.

Love quotes about relationships

Love is like…

Love is like

A love quote on a book.

A love quote on a book

John Keats on love.

John Keats on love

William Shakespeare on love.

William Shakespeare on love

The definition of love is this.

The definition of love

A love quote defining life.

A love quote defining life

Love is a bond that needs to be in writing.

Love in tattoos

Love and respect. The two most rare commodities of this world.

No dull moments!

One of the beautiful love quotes.

One of the beautiful love quotes

Love quotes are not always deep and serious. Sometimes, they can be humorous. Einstein tells how it can be that way.

Learn what counts the most.

That’s the best advice anyone could ever give you.

Live like an adult, think like a child

Sense of humor is the second most important sense you need. The first one is obviously common sense.

Humor makes a man handsome.

As a friend used to say, follow your brain. Your heart is as stupid as a cuckoo-clock.

Follow your heart

No, it’s not gravity. It’s that flying dwarf.

einstien qoutes

You need oxygen to exist, you need love to live.

funny love quote

No question about it sir.

where there is love there is no question

Love somebody and share everything with them.

Happiness quote by mark twain.

Life can be really simple if we let it be simple.

Why comlicate life, it is simple!

I love you.

I love you

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