It is often said that Facebook is the playground of youth while Twitter is a platform for professionals to brand their business. This is altogether true. Since its very outset, Twitter has been operating in serious and sober tone. Since this social networking forum has very little room for private chat, most of fun lovers stay away from it. On the other hand, business people, campaigners, marketing agents, professionals, communication experts, strategists and brand managers join Twitter to lobby for perking up their businesses and brands.

Twitter is the most effective micro-blogging medium of the digital world. It allows the users to spread their messages in 140 characters. A twitter message may contain a link, an image, a tutorial or simple text.

Unlike other social networks, twitter allows you to follow anyone you want or get followed by anyone. Your tweets are quickly visible to all you follow and those who follow you. So, you do not need to send some request and then wait for its approval for adding someone to your friend list. This feature has made twitter a strong and reliable source of promotion and marketing.

In order to use twitter effectively to market your products or services, you need to follow the below formulas:

Present Your Brand Exactly

You should not blame twitter for the failure of your campaign if you do not present yourself exactly and accurately. Brand presentation is the thing that makes or breaks you on twitter. So, first of all pick a catchy username for your twitter name. Try to comply the username with that of the brand. Then add a splendid image to your account. Again, the image you add should have deep relevancy with the brand you want to market. Another important thing in presentation is the theme of your twitter page. Twitter allows you to customize the page design and background. So you may mold this stuff in accordance with the color scheme and theme of your brand.

Better Presentation

Tell Your Story Wisely

In order to build up your credibility and boost up sales, you need to tell your business story wisely and precisely over twitter. The story telling goes in three steps. First is location. You should mention your exact business address and the addresses of the stores that showcase your products. This will help your twitter friends to easily approach you and your brand from anywhere they are. The second thing is website. Always give your website URL over your twitter account. Most of the potential and interested costumers seek in-depth details of the brand they want to buy. Through the URL, they can easily drift to your website and get the information they need. The third and most important thing is bio. You have the space of 160 characters to write your bio. So always try to tell interesting, amazing, accurate and inspirational facts about your brand.

Telling Twitter Story

Follow Ardently

Once your account settings and profile are done, you should go on following other twitter users in a bid to show up your tweets and read others’. But this is where you need to proceed with great care and understanding.  Do not be aggressive as twitter will ban you. Go slow but steady. Do not follow randomly, rather follow those who are in the interest of your brand. In the beginning, you may follow your potential costumers, business partners, competitors, marketing people and successful business guys. This will let you build up the credibility and worth of your brand. Again, in this whole process, relevancy matters a lot. Never go out of the box. Remember that you are here for not getting traffic, but the targeted traffic.

Kevin T. Pitts

Talk Good And Be Impressive

You cannot market anything unless are a good gossip guy. On twitter, good, timely and impressive messages matter a lot. There are five types of twitter messages; simple tweet, reply, mention, direct message and retweet. You must frequently use all of these options to show up your presence among your subscribers. Generate your own catchy tweets, make comments on others’ messages, get to debates and discussions and share some of the interesting stuff your buddies put on twitter. But in each word you put on twitter, you should look creative, impressive and relevant. This is the key to thrive on social media.

Twitter Timeline

Drive Traffic To Your Web Pages

Twitter is an effective medium to generate traffic for a website or blog provided the user is smart. For this purpose, try to creative maximum tweets with links of your blogs and web posts. Through these links, people will go to your site and some of them might become your regular visitors. So, this is a useful tactic to make your web pages active.

Get A Twitter-Configured Cell Phone

These days, there are available various smart phones that allow their users to surf twitter through a specific twitter application. This application is compatible to all android, iOS, blackberry and windows phones. So get such a phone and keep it with you all the time so that you can be able to share whatever and whenever you want.

Twitter App

Add Multimedia To Your Twitter Timeline

Do not confine your twitter with text messages just, rather embellish your timeline with multimedia like images and videos. Keep adding interesting images time to time and also produce some good videos, upload them on different video channels and share their URL links on your twitter. The multimedia tweets will keep the attention of your users intact and help you gain more followers and subscriptions.

Multimedia Tweets

Make Lists

The better and quicker way to manage and entertain all of your twitter buddies is to organize them into different lists. Like you make a list of costumers, one for potential customers, one for business community, one for trade organizations and one for general followers etc. This will allow you to read all tweets easily and respond to all quickly. The smarter you move and higher you will go on twitter.


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