Warning: People who hate kids should not view these pictures.

Do you like babies? Apart from their dirty diapers, they are the most adorable creatures on earth. And today what I’ve got for you is a cuteness overdose. These are pictures of very very cute babies, and they are having fun under water.

Here’s an idea, if you are a girl and your guy doesn’t like kids, just trick him into watching this post and the baby photography article I made last month, and I’m sure he’ll start to adore them. If he still doesn’t like kids…. he is irreparable.

A Post from Last Month: Baby Photos with Professional Photography Tips

Ooh.. A Camera

cute baby in swimming pool

Captain Bubble to the Rescue

baby swimming with goggles on

I think I forgot to wear something…

cute baby swimming underwater

Cuteness Overdose

cute underwater baby girl

Seeing Above

baby underwater

Under Watermelon

kid eating watermelon underwater

Underwater Joy

girl enjoying underwater


baby in bubbles


cute baby swim

Wooh… This is a bit cold

lovely baby shocked in water

Is it just me or does this duck can swim upside down?

baby and ducky underwater


cute children photography

Underwater George

cute george underwater

The World Outside is Pretty Wobbly

cute baby swimming photography

What Does This Button Do….

funny baby underwater

I’m a Rock Star

adorable underwater baby

Yes, I Can

cute baby

So, We Meet Again Shadow!

beautiful baby blue shots

Ooh, water tickles my ears

cute baby with fish photography

Oh Golly, bhat bubble has a baby inside, just like me

cute baby wallpapers and photography

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