University web design or educational website designing is a bit different from other business web designs. These are a few examples for designing a website for a university, college or any other educational institute.

Educational web designs can different because in here, our complete focus is on layout and not the design.

We cannot make a university web design look anything other than elegant and simple. And that’s why you’d notice that most university websites are extremely simple to view and understand.

Another reason to keep a university web design very simple is that it should remain constant in all browsers and most of the resolutions. A student must never have trouble with the website.
Besides, students wouldn’t like too many colors and graphics in a website they open daily.

University Web Design Showcase

Arts & Sciences Miami

Art and Science best university website design

Kutz Town

creatively design kutztown university website

University of Tennessee

The University of Tennessee beautiful design website

Birmingham City University

Best Website Design Birmingham City University


Elegant design Bucks New University

National University of Singapore

Simple design of National university of Singapore

University of Connecticut

simple and elegant design of  University of Connecticut

University of Miami

Best Collection of universities website designs for designers

Thomas Edison State College

Thomas Edison State College simple design website

Hampshire College

Best universities websites collection

Westmont College

Westmont College Simple website design

University of Nebraska-Lincoln

University of Nebraska-Lincoln elegant website design

Biola University

Creative design of Biola University

Office of Communications

Simple design of Office of communications

The Island Campus

Best-Design of university websites

The University of Texas at Austin

Creatively design The University of Texas at Austin

Nebraska Wesleyan University

39 Best universities website designs

Elon University

Elon University simple website design

Dickinson College

Creative and informative design of Dickinson College

The College of Wooster

The College of Wooster good website design

College of William & Mary

simple and elegant design of College of William & Mary

Bates College

39 Great collection of university websites

Moore College of Art & Design

Creatively designed website Moore College of Art & Design

Lone Star College System

Creatively design website of Lone Star College System

Salt Lake Community College

Salt Lake Community College simple yellow website design

University of Chester

University of Chester elegant and simple website design

Northland College

Great Collection of University and college websites

Denver Seminary

Simple design of Denver Seminary college

Tennessee Education

Creatively designed Tennessee Education website

Washtenaw Community College

Washtenaw Community College website design for designers

Pacific Union College

39 Beautiful university websites

Mississippi State University

Mississippi State University Simple design for web designers

Rice University

Best design of Rice University

Duquesne University

Creative website design of Duquesne University

Boston University

Boston university website design

Michigan State University

Creatively design of Michigan State University

University of Massachusetts Amherst

Simple design of University of Massachusetts Amherst Website

George Mason University

Creatively design George Mason University

English UK North

Best Collection of University and college websites

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