10 Very Useful Lightning Brushes for Photoshop

10 Very Useful Lightning brushes for photoshop

These are handy and useful photoshop lightning effect brush packs which contains more then 300 ready to use lightning effect brushes.

For a designer, Photo Manipulator these kind of brushes are very helpful and useful to create awesome effects in short period of time.

Creating a lightning effect manually from scratch is a pain, for this purpose these brushes will serve you well.

Installation :

Download the zip/abr file you want by click on download button below the brush of your choice.  Extract it in case of zip and copy/paste it in your photoshop installation folder > Presets > Brushes folder. Restart photoshop and you will find the new brushes in your brush pane.

Lightning brushes by ~vreid

lightning brushes photoshop


Lightning Bolt Brushes V1 by ~GhostFight3r

lightning bold photoshop brushes


Lightning Brush Pack by ~Kingskully

photoshop brush lightning


40 HQ Lightning Bolt brushes by ~GhostFight3r

high quality lightning photoshop brushes


Lightning Pack by ~Kida-Ookami

lightning photoshop brush pack


lightning brushes by altaria by ~altaria1993

photoshop lightning brushes


Lightning Brushes Volume 1 by ~JonasKr

Lightning Brushes Photoshop


Lightning brush set by ~gfx-shadows

photoshop lightning brush set


Lightning by ~elestrial

lightning brush pack


Lightning Brushes by *crazykira-resources

crazy lightning brushes photoshop


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