HTML Kit is one of the most popular web development applications available. Since its a freeware, this quality makes it irresistible. If you don’t have it yet you can download it for free here. The user community of HTML Kit make plug-ins and share them with the rest of us. The following post is about those plug-ins, those utilities which could make us better web designers/developers. The description of these utilities is the original one, which means that these are the words of the maker, not Click the relevant image to open the source page at There, you will find more information about the plug-in as well as installation instructions.


HTMK kit plug-in

Is making the transition from TABLE tags to DIV + CSS on your to-do list? This plugin provides a graphical interface for building the basic layout and generates the initial tags in real-time.


How many cups of java does it take to memorize the objects in one of the most popular scripting languages? The menus added by this plugin covers JavaScript methods, properties, keywords, event handlers, and some common code snippets.


Page Report

View single-file download speeds, word counts, links, directory listings and file properties, all in a single report. But that’s not all, this plugin also displays PHP and hkScript file content with links to the known function references.


thumb maker

Looking for a way to create thumbnails of large images? This plugin can generate a custom size thumbnail of the specified GIF, JPEG, PNG or BMP image along with the HTML code for opening the original image.


Jpeg compressor for HTML kit

The size of JPEG files can be reduced by adjusting the amount of details contained in them. This process can affect the quality of the image, but the difference is not always visible to the human eye. Compress while viewing the result with this tool.


Color Selection Tool for HTML kit

This quick and easy to use utility can suggest colors which are likely to look nice with your selection. It offers many other features including favorites and history lists, multiple color pickers, support for popular color formats, and more.

XML Validator

Check to see if XHTML and XML documents are well formed, or validate them according to the document type definition.


So you’ve installed dozens of plugins and wondering if any of the plugins have been updated since. hkDLPlusHelper makes it easier to check if there are any updates for the currently installed plugins.

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