A couple of days ago WordPress launched its final update of WordPress 3.3. Right now, all the WordPress blogs around the world (including Designzzz) are being notified that they should upgrade. Most of the webmasters haven’t updated yet (again, includings Designzzz) because they have a fear that their theme might not work properly with this new version.
Your web design tutorial writer Jawad has a blog about cars and automobile, Carunch.com, last night he has upgraded it! Now I’m in a position to give you a personal user experience of the latest WP.

The new version is named “Sonny” in the honor of famous Jazz musician Sonny Stitt. Almost all of the WordPress 3.x compatible themes are working fine with Sonny, even the customarily programmed ones.

I have made all the screenshots in Old vs New style. Old one would be Designzzz.com and new is Carunch.com, I think we’ll update tonight. (You might be reading this on the updated Designzzz).

Layout Changes

wp 3.3

The new layout is a lot more responsive and user-friendly. The admin bar and header has been combined into one “smarter” toolbar. First install welcome screen is updated. Pop-out help snippet is attached to every new feature so you can understand it easily (you can see a pop-out feature pointer in the screenshot above).

Experience: I remember when WordPress 2.7 was launched, it was considered shabby and your first hands-on experience was not very much satisfactory. All those complaints vanished in 2.8 though. Case is different now, Sonny is rock solid. It’s stable, works fast, its dependable.

Drag and Drop Batch Uploader

wp sonny

The most exciting feature is undoubtedly Drag and Drop in this new uploader. You drop all your pictures, videos or whatever media you have into this uploader and it start batch upload. That’s an answer to the cry of many webmasters.

Experience: I’m running Windows XP (SP2) it the uploader got stuck once, I tried another 9 times, it worked fine. So I guess it was just my computer playing silly, WordPress is good.

Responsive Options Bar

As I said earlier, the new design is more responsive, and that’s why this new feature is included. Earlier this bar used get lengthier and lengthier as we installed plugins, but now it’ll stay compact.

Experience: Since its a design change, it will take some time to get used to this.

Advanced Features

The support for mobile devices such as iPad has improved greatly. But their are two more significant things which have improved for developers.

API Editor: Using this API Editor, developers can now customize their post editor and even other additional editors if you have any. This feature gives a whole new dimension to the back-end customization.

jQuery: Complete jQuery UI toolset is now installed with Sonny. The boom of jQuery has also taken over WordPress.

Recap Video

Here’s a cool recap of all the new features. It is made by WordPress.org itself.

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