Visuals always have deep and long-lasting impact then text. No need to repeat the famous Chinese saying “A picture is better than one thousand words”. If a picture is such an effective, what will be the worth of a video?

This is the reason, bloggers and corporate clients seem to be insisting on building up websites with video backgrounds while web designers and developers take it as a headache. A web page with video background is always more appealing and grabbing. It keeps visitors engaged for more time, helping them understand the crux of your website quickly and clearly.

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Here, we enlist a few points that will guide you better while putting videos as backgrounds of websites.

Produce Your Own Video

Life of Pi Homepage uses a brilliant video background

The website of the feature film Life of Pi contains a very impressive video background.

If you plan to create a website with a video background, the best way is to produce your own video instead of getting some ready-made ones. The problem with the ready-made videos is that they often do not match to your idea or contain some irrelevant content or are in poor quality. It is always a painstaking task to customize and edit such videos. So, in order to avoid these chaos, take a HD camera and shoot your own film the way you need and want.

Keep It Simple

Direct Sound

Direct Sound has a very simple, but concept based video.

The video you have filed or selected as background should be simple and clear. The action in the video should be quite easy to understand. Complicated and ambitious videos do not make much impact, instead they bore visitors. The simpler you will go, the better you will be able to catch and retain the attention of viewers and higher will be the conversion rate of your website.

Make It Relevant


Homepage of MyProvence Festival.

The video should match to the content and theme of your website. Relevancy is the main thing that makes a video effective and useful. No matter how classic film you have shoot, if it is not in accordance with the idea of your website, it is of no use.

Keep It Short

Fernando Maclen's portfolio contains a video background

Fernando Maclen is a designer, he has a superb video background website.

Background videos should always be short and precise. Long streaming irks visitors and they opt to quit. So keep your video as short as possible while maintaining quality and the worth of content. If you have a lot of content to show, you may create and attach multiple videos and set them in a way that one redirects users to the other.

Keep Audio Option On Click


Matter is a video background website.

Most of the time when you open a website with video background and there starts audio and video at the same time, you feel it embarrassing. So, the safe option is that you do not use audio and stick to visuals only. If you still want to use music or voice over, keep it on click. In this way, a visitor will feel more easy and comfortable.

Make it Load Quickly

Eagle Clean Project

Eagle Clean is a fast loading website.

When videos take too long to load, users do not stick around and quit. So, the best way is to compress and edit your video in a way that it loads quickly and runs smoothly. Loading and streaming timing is the only thing that matters in video background designs.

Avoid Flash Videos

Flash is past, HTML5 is the present and future” – Steve Jobs

Try your best to not go for flash based videos and animations as they do not render on some devices like iPad. If your video does not load on a device or browsers, it not only lose worth, but also affects the value of other website content.

Use Full Screen Background

Food websites often use full screen backgrounds. Click here to check out some of the coolest food related web designs.

While going for video background, always bank on full screen option. Some designers try to place video at center just or on the quarter page. This does not work well and its impact is also not so high. The best experience of websites with video backgrounds comes when videos are covering full screen at your device.

Process of Adding Video As Background

This most important thing is the process of setting up a video as website background. Here, a designer needs to be very careful as even a slight error may ruin the worth of whole effort. This process has various steps. Here we enlist a few:

Step 1: The first step is to create a div. Create a new div with 100 percent height and 100 percent width. After creating a div, save your page and preview it in different browsers. You might feel that your video is not cover the full background screen. To correct this, set the body tag to zero padding and margins. This will hopefully resolve your problem.

Step 2: The next thing is to add an overlay. Add a new div tag and set it width and height to 400px and position it to absolute. Here you need to a background color, but make sure that this color matches properly to the colors used in video itself.

Step 3: The last thing is styling and centering. In order to make you div tag a circle, add the border-radius property. To align it circle, add top 30 percent, left 50 percent. In the end, add some padding and text. Now, you are done with your background settings. Save your file and go to multiple browsers to preview how your websites, loads, streams and looks like. This will help you identify faults if any and then correct them.

The main thing that you need to ensure in this whole process is that video should be covering the whole background of your webpage. If some corners and margin are left unfilled, this will ruin the worth of your website.


Creating websites with video backgrounds is a new phenomenon and it is rapidly gaining grounds in the world of internet. This is an effective way to attract visitors and raise up the session time of your website. It is also good for increasing the conversion rate. It is expected that in a few years, we shall be seeing a lot of websites with videos. This is what we may say the future of web making. No doubt, text is being replaced by visuals very quickly.

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