Valentine’s Day or Anti Valentine’s Day !! Amazing Artworks by Thomas Fuchs

Thomas Fuchs was born and raised in Germany.

After finishing his studies in Graphic Design and Illustration at the Academy of Fine Arts Stuttgart with an MfA in ’97, he moved to New York in November of the same year.

His work has received awards from The Society of Illustrators (Gold Medal, Advertising and Institutional Category), American Illustration, Communication Arts, Print, SPD, The Art Directors Club NY and Germany (of which he is a member) and SND (Silver Medal).

He currently lives and works in New York.

My Opinion about Thomas Fuchs: Thomas is an awesome talented person with great skills of showing his feelings through his artworks. Now this Collection of his artworks will show you how this guy can manipulate anything into Hearts !! Truly genius. These all artworks are taken from his website a heart a day The amazing part is that he posts one heart in their daily !! and shows different emotions/feelings like love , hate etc. by his artworks in form of hearts. Definitely take a look at his site :).

Thomas’s Main Site: Thomas
His a Heart a Day store! you can buy heart artworks T-shirts etc.


Heartini. Dirty

heart dirty

Love Letters

lvoe letters hearts


heart revolvers

Love Machine

love machine

P and A

panda heart

Heart To Bare

bare heart

Steaming Affairs

heart train streaming

Wheelin’ and Feelin’

hamster love hearts

Lovers Unite

lovers unite

Cuddle Fish

cuddle fish heart

Heart Attack

eagle heart attack

Heart of Stones

heart lips

It’s Complicated

hearts complicated

3D Some

3d heart

Heart as Hell

heart as hell


heart island


heart bomb

Love Bug

heart bug

Love Chain

love chain hearts


heart core


heart love goal

The Love Boat

the love boat titanic

It’s Work

love heart work

Cuff Love

hearts cuffs

Love Gun

love gun

Special Thanks to a fan of Designzzz Adrianne. He suggested to look and publish Thomas’s Artworks 🙂

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