With the advancement of web design, the trends of displaying a product are also changing accordingly. Today, most websites use big browser size videos in the background to make web page more prominent and enhance. This is a good idea to change the mood and behavior of any website.

Following are the most famous websites of video background, which are using in recent times.

To view any of these websites in action, just click on the name/title of the website.

Life of Pi

This video background stuff is inspired by the Oscar movie named Life of Pi. It is very good combination of pleasant scenes with soft music.

Life of Pi Homepage uses a brilliant video background


It is one good video background with a unique look and feel. It is actually an American style movie in background, which is related to Manhattan.



It is one of the great video for animation and video background, which shows different arts in different forms.

Jow Blue Ferine


iRide shows the ground transportation in the New York. It is the creation of eDesign organization.

iRide Video Background Website

Direct Sound

It is the one great example of professional music with neat and clean voice. It produces brilliant results with headphones.

Direct Sound

MyProvence Festival

This website uses pure combination of artistically balanced audio and video background, which makes this website prominent among others.



Spotify is one of the most famous video background sites nowadays, which uses specific audio for different moments. It is very good idea to generate an emotional touch with series of video clips.

Spotify website contains a beautiful video background


If you are a nature lover, you will love this site too. It is one of the most famous video backgrounds, which shows grass flowing with the air smoothly.


Fernando Maclen

This website displays a designer working in the blurred background video. Its combination is interesting and difficult to forget.

Fernando Maclen's portfolio contains a video background


It is very good and creative web background used by Dixup France.


Royal Salute

It is another very famous responsive and luxury video background of whiskey brand. It is composed with rich media.

Royal Salute Homepage


It is a big background of Switzerland shopping mall road with clean and innovative look.


The Place

It is one great site for making background like film production house. It is Ukraine based web source.

The Place is a video background website from Ukraine


This video background displays no indication about the product. Although it shows positive look and feel, initially it looks like a background for a website about pants.



It is a simple but impressive video background show if you are an iPhone user. It includes tide meter, anemometer, and air/water temperature display in the background.



It uses unexpected video backgrounds, as it displays different personalities, and memorable moments of life makes this site best for any background.


Eagle Clean

Eagleclean is a London cleaning organization. In this background, idea is to show up the landing page with a very small smudge in the beginning, and then turned into a gloves covered hand.

Eagle Clean Project

Dromoland Castle

It is one of the coolest backgrounds, which shows the hotels surroundings with wildlife touch and feel.

Dromoland Castle has a cool video background based web design

Y.co Yacht

Y.co yacht video background site is interesting and memorable, which uses a big video to display memories of a family enjoying holidays.

Y.co Yacht


It is one of the popular video background websites for iPhone/iPad users. It adds social media sites and RSS feeds randomly, where you can flip one app to other with ease.

Flipboard Video Background Website

Nike Jordan M6

This background is a based on a story which tells how new sneaker was create. It is best for every individual who is willing to purchase Jordan M6.

Nike Jordan

Arcade Fire

Arcade Fire is very nice and interactive video background of Indie rock band, where you can interact with the hands during video play.

Arcade Fire


It is the name of shoe brand of France, which display different showcase of the brand in background.

Cassette Shoes website uses video background


It is one of the best video background, which shows a unique way of displaying world. Its motto is to convert ideas into real existence.


Big Spaceship

It is another famous video background website, where two colors splashes with each other and make it a new color form.

Big Spaceship


It is a digital company with useful references. This background uses a clean web design, which includes huge video header on multiple pages.

Design Agency shows its process in video background

Story & Heart

It is a great web design background, which is actually a community of film producers. This website has very good and high quality videos on its main page.

Story & Heart

Google Glass Experiment

It is a production of well-known company Google, which shows different ideas about Google Glass experiments sports in the background.

Google Glass Experiment


It is a public relations company, which uses its working and impressions video on its home page with a big impact.

Exponent uses a video backgroud header


It is the name of British retail brand, which produce work online and offline. It includes many references in its background video. Furthermore, it shows the collaboration between different clients and their behavior.


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