When you wanna do something out of the box, try water color effect.

I remember when almost three years ago, Tayyab made an artistic collection of watercolor masterpieces. That post became such a hit that even we couldn’t believe initially.

Today I’m trying to replicate that success. This is a collection of watercolor styled web designs.

This is a unique and artistic designing technique so you shouldn’t be applying it everywhere even if you love it very much. Most of the websites demand a clean elegant look, watercolor style is only for portfolios, personal homepages and such stuff.

Creating Water Color Effect

There are many many ways to create this effect. You can use a plugin with Photoshop which can do the job.
All you have to do is input your design and add watercolor filter.
By default Photoshop does contain water color filters I wouldn’t suggest using them. They are not that realistic.
And if you want the best looking stuff, well don’t use water color filter at all. Manipulate with noise levels on each object independently and that will give you a result that really creates an impression… but sadly this process takes a long long time.

Element Fusion

Small White Bear


Ryan Scherf

water color effect in web design

Sunrise Design

soothing watercolor effect

The Happy Time Cafe

creative water color effect


Creatively Designed Websites


website design with water color effect

Five Points Interactive

Creaive Water Color Effect

Siete de Febrero

Water Color Effect in Web Designing

C Sharp Design

Best Watercolor Effect in Web Design

Football Made in Africa

Round up Water Color Effects in Web Design


Collection of 20 Best Water Color based Web Designs

Imaginary Moments

Amazing Water Color Effect

Giancarlo Fajardo

water color designing at its best


Moder Watercolor designs

Duirwaigh Studios

Water Color Effects in Website Designing

Xhtml Cafe

Old Roadside Cafe water color effect

Istok Pavlovic

Water color effect with unique color combo


Water Color Effect in Web Design

Billy Hughes At War

Water Color Effects in Web Design

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