Water is the sign of life. Wars have been fought for it and still more than 80% of world’s population does not get it the way they deserve. The day humans find water on any nearby star, they will invade it, that’s how valuable it is.

Apart from the biological factors, it also brings a great amount of joy and splendor if you just sit on lake shore or a beach. Sad thing is that photographing it is not an easy task, with all the light bursts and other technical difficulties, besides when you take a photo of a landscape consisting of just water, the viewer say, “what’s the point, it’s just water!” He’ll never understand the atmosphere there was when you took the photo.

Today I have a collection of pictures which are basically consist of a water landscape and you’ll derive great inspiration for taking such shots.


If you look a little deeply, the photographer was sitting while he took this shot. Framing and composition is also bloody perfect.

sea photography

Ocean Under Umbrella

That’s just capturing it from the right angle. You can see there’s no unnecessary part in the image.

sea photography

Cool Ocean

I’m not really sure if this is the ocean or not but if you look closely, there wasn’t a focal point in this image, so the photographer just added a couple of tall trees in the frame. Focal point is very important.

sea photography

Sun and Ocean

If you think this kind of shot can be taken with the first attempt, you’re dead wrong. Always always capture many shots and one will  best fit your imagination. This is exactly what the photographer would have done.

sun and sea photography

Flowers and Ocean

Sometimes the details of an image are what makes it great. You can see a little boat in the background, remove it and the picture will lose its feel.

sea photography

White Clouds with White Ocean

Sometimes it’s just the location that makes it great. This really is a splendid view.

beautiful sea photography

Mountain and Sea

This image has excellent focus levels.

mountain and sea photography

Island Resort

If you remove the trees that border the lower left edges, the picture will lose its soul.

beautiful island photography


Have a look at the toning.

curve sea photography

Sea and Beach

HDR effect without HDR.

stones at sea photgraphy

Anticipation of the Storm

Low exposure in the perfect way possible.

dark clouds and sea photography

Fuji Lilac / Transylvanian Dog Albino

It is a brilliant idea that when you capture a structure, try to capture its reflection in the water. Creates a great effect.

boat and sea photoraphy

In the Quiet of the Saddle

The best time selection of early evening and the trees on the left guard the lake. Super shot.

mountains and sea phootgraphy

Stones in Sea

This is a low exposure with a magnificent focus level. The focus was set to the plants in the foreground and that’s why the trees look a little blurry.

sea and tree phtography

Farewell to Khortitsa

That is just seizing the moment. A photographer always has his camera ready. You never know when you might find a sight to remember.

sea and bridge photography


The digital miracle. Some excellent light toning and contrast adjustments have been made on this photo. Photographers should have a grip on Adobe Lightroom or its free counterparts.

reflection of trees in star photography

Ice and Ocean

That’s how you capture fog and mist.

orange waterscape

Cliffs in Water

That must be the work of a naughty photographer. See how he has merged the sky and ocean.

cliffs in water photography

Plunge into the Cloud

A camera doesn’t only shows, it also hides. See how it is hiding the impurities and pollution in the water.

sea phootgraphy

Colourful clouds with Colourful Sea

Low exposure mixed with digital assistance.

sea photography

In the Long Cold Arctic …

That’s framing with the proper elements. The same landscape could have been very ordinary from another angle.

sea and ice photography

Pillar in Sea

It’s a beautiful view, you just have to be there on the right time.

pillars and sea phtography

On the pier …

This picture has so many feelings in it that one or two lines can’t do justice. I’ll skip it.

sea photography

Water Scape with Stars 

As you know, a photographer should visualize the shot before taking it. This photographer did exactly that. A wonderful low exposure shot.

stars and sea photography

… Evening Kerch …

Panorama photography example.

rocks and sea photography

Seychelles Smile

Border on one side and the reason photographer took this shot is that there were many many colors here.

sea and beach photography

Dawn on the Great Lake Kasli

Same thing we learned earlier, the photographer visualized this shot immaculately. It’s a low exposure.

plant in sea photography

Early Autumn Sunrise

Waseem says it’s photoshopped, the orange glow can’t be so vivid. I don’t think so though.

leave in sea photography

Onega morning

Excellent sharpness combined with low exposure.

sea photography

One, Two, Three… I’m going to look! Who is not hiding

And again, spotted at the right time. Always keep your camera ready.

bear and sea photography

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