Wonderful Waterfall Pictures and Photography Tips

I read somewhere that ninjas used to start their day by taking a bath under the hundreds of feet tall waterfalls. I’m no ninja and I might never dare to take a shower that way… but I love waterfalls!

A waterfall is a spectacle of nature, it has everything, power and beauty. It is brutal, yet peaceful. These qualities are rarely seen together anywhere else. Such a thing has to be photographed and photographed good.

This post includes pictures of waterfalls and some photography tips so you can also take such superb photos yourself.

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Photography Tips

  • Tripods: well, these are essential in almost all kinds of outdoor photos.
  • ISO: if the shutter speed is low, you should keep the ISO at lowest (that’s probably 100).
  • Shutter Speed: traditionally shutter speed is kept low so that water looks like flowing smoothly. I included some of the shots in long exposure as well. But sometimes if you are taking a close-up and you want to see some water drops flying around, you would use a quicker shutter speed.
  • Camera Level: as I said in my last post (flower photography) that you should be at the level of the object. Most waterfall shots will only look good when the fall is at the level of the camera, not above it.
  • Weather and Season: these things play very very important role in waterfall photos. According to seasons, the amount of water changes and so does the greenery around it. Fogs don’t promise any jaw-dropping pictures but but sunshine does. Sometimes twilight times also work great and gives a cool temperature to the picture.
  • No Tip Particular Tip: and to end, just the basic stuff once again. Always take many shots, from different angles and various camera settings, such as different exposure settings. Take a look at some of the shots (by other photographers) of the waterfall you love before you take your own pictures. Oh yeah, one more thing, stay ready for some hiking.

Looking Glass Falls

Looking Glass Falls

Multnomah Falls

Multnomah Falls for tourism

Waterfalls by taffspoon

Greenish waterfalls

Horseshoe Falls HDR

Famous Horseshoe water Falls

Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls

Dettifoss – Icelandic Waterfall

Dettifoss Icelandic Waterfall

Halls Falls

Halls waterfalls

Twilight, Toketee Falls

Twilight, Toketee Falls

Waterfalls by photomek

waterfalls photography

Down the Chasm

water fall photography

Angel Falls, Venezuela at Sunrise

Angel waterfalls, Venezuela at Sunrise

White River Falls

White River waterfalls

Yosemite Moonbow

Yosemite Moonbow waterfall

Upper Whitewater Falls

Upper White waterfalls


Beautiful triangular waterfall

Second Big Splash

splashing waterfall

First Descent

waterfall picture

Big Banana Kayak – 2nd largest waterfall ever run

Big Banana Kayak - 2nd largest waterfall ever run

Fluid Dynamics

fast dangerous waterfall

Iceberg Waterfall

Iceberg Waterfall photo

Ice waterfall

Ice waterfall photography

Cascade du Nideck

Cascade du Nideck waterfalls

Shoshone Falls

Shoshone waterfalls

Autumn Stairway

Autumn waterfall photography


Ephemeral waterfall photography

Plitvice Waterfalls

Plitvice Waterfalls

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