As we enter the second quarter of 2013, we take a look back and observe which web design trends have ruled the first quarter and what you should be focusing on to stay ahead in the race.

There are three things that have brought about significant changes. Of course, design and development techniques are always evolving but Responsive Web Design has asserted its grounds for good. That’s why you’ll notice that this info-graphic focuses a lot on methods and techniques for creating responsive websites.

We have only mentioned most important stuff to keep this info-graphic brief. Now all depends on your response, if you like the topic, shoot a comment and we’ll make a sequel info-graphic.

This infographic covers how mobile devices are snatching more market share of internet usage, and how should you react to that. It covers designing elements as well as development issues.

One important thing that I believe I’ve learned from making all the research is that things are getting simpler. If you go for “simple and clear”, both the visitors and search engines like it. So keep the design and code clean, you won’t get in to any problems.

Latest Web Design Trends

Initially we wanted to make this infographic in the beginning of this year, but we realized that everybody has turned into a fortune-teller so we should wait.
These things we have written in this infographic are based on on the observations on websites made during past three months, as well as discussions in web designer forums. Hope you’ll find our efforts worthwhile.

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An Infographic Covering the Latest Trends in Web Design Market.

One more request

We want to make info graphics more often. Now it’s your duty to tell us what topics would you like focused in those infographics? Your wish is Designzzz’s command.

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