There are different ways to build a website nowadays. The choice of the most suitable option depends upon the goals pursued during the process and the amount of time a web developer has to complete the task.

Web design skills and experience matter a lot in this process as well. The higher the complexity of the project is – the more time and expertise are required to launch a professionally-looking and functional website to come up to the requirements of clients.

Fortunately, the task can be simplified by using websites builders. These services make it possible to create custom made websites much quicker as compared to other web building methods.

Efficacy of the web building process does not compromise with the quality of the ready made websites. Website builders are specially geared towards the simplification of the web building process, ensuring the top notch result without any serious hassle and loss of time.

Just have a look at the top website builders professional web developers can make use of nowadays to increase the efficacy of the web building process.


Site123 Website Builder

SITE123 is a universal website builder. It is a pretty nice choice for web designers, who focus on the development of different types of websites.

These include promo websites, business websites, landing pages, portfolios, online stores etc. The website builder has a rich choice of niche templates, which are responsive by default, powerful web customization tools, a selection of layouts and other features that contribute to great result.

SITE123 Features

site123 templates

Among the features that make SITE123 stand out from the crowd, we should mention its universal character, ease of use, convenience and advanced functionality realized through the use of templates, layouts, social media integration options, image galleries etc. What’s more, SITE123 can boast an advanced multilingual tool that can bring your website to the brand new level by making it available in different language versions. The availability of 24/7 tech support and informative tutorials saves time when exploring the system and solving web design problems that emerge during the process.

site123 editor builder

SITE123 Cost

SITE123 has 5 plans to meet any needs. It has a free plan, but it is primarily meant for testing the features of the system. This plan won’t work for experienced web developers, who deal with client projects on a regular basis. The rest of the plans are paid and come with various features that should be explored in advance to decide on the best option.


SITE123 offers a broad range of features and options required to build a professional website, irrespective of its type. Websites created with SITE123 have professional look and feature advanced functionality. At the same time, you don’t have to spend much effort and time, writing them manually from scratch.

The web building process is intuitive and simple, while the result with certainly come up to the requirements and expectations of your clients.


uKit Website Builders

uKit is rightfully considered one of the best business website builders. All the features and options the system offers are geared towards the creation of websites for business purposes. Despite the serious goal of the service, it is easy-to-use and convenient for everyone.

Even newbies can learn how to use it in less than no time, not to mention professional web developers, who can use the features of the service to the advantage, creating quality and functional business websites for their clients.

uKit Templates builder

uKit Features

uKit functionality is on the top notch level. With hundreds of responsive templates that are subdivided into 38 thematic categories, powerful web customization tools, integrated widget store, advanced SEO options required for effective website promotion etc., the system deserves the highest position in the list of contemporary website builders.

No coding skills are needed to create professional websites with uKit. However, web developers can use their experience and knowledge to explore and use all the features in details to avail decent result.

uKit Editor Templates

uKit Cost

uKit offers 4 plans, all of which are paid. There is no free plan here, but that’s not a problem. Each user, who wants to sign up with the system, is given an opportunity to test the features of all the plans for free during 14 days. The cost of the plans is affordable for everyone. For example, a nice Premium Plan offering a broad range of features to newbies and web design pros costs… $4/month only! This is a very generous offer you shouldn’t overlook.


uKit is a reputable business website builder that surely deserves the attention. It combines ease-of-use and convenience with advanced functionality. This results in the creation of professional websites that meet the needs of business owners. You don’t have to possess web design skills to work with the system, but if you do, this will be an extra benefit that will bring the functionality of your website to the brand new level.

IM Creator (XPRS)

IM Creator web builder

IM Creator (XPRS) is a cloud website builder, which is oriented on the needs of creatives and entrepreneurs. This is a nice service to create portfolios, promo and business websites, landing pages.

The websites builder is simple and intuitive. Newbies with no coding skills at all can learn to use it in a couple of hours only, not to mention web design pros, who can master the service in less than no time to create stunning client websites with it.

IM Creator Templates and Themes

IM Creator Features

IM Creator (XPRS) possesses the advanced functionality required to build professional websites. You will find quality responsive templates and customization tools here, which can give your website the required design, structure and layout.

The system also offers a set of sections, which can bring the functionality of the website to the highest level. These include the most popular and widely-used elements like slideshows, animations, photo galleries and what not. Proper combination and arrangement of these elements results in the creation of professional websites that are easy to browse and manage.

IM Creator Handy Editor

IM Creator (XPRS)  Cost

IM Creator (XPRS) has a super offer for creatives willing to showcase their works and present them to the audience in the most favorable light. The offer includes a free plan, which comes with excellent features and options, such as responsive thematic templates, absence of ads, unlimited hosting and individual domain connection to mention a few.

If you need a business website, however, a free plan won’t be a nice solution for you. Upgrade to the Premium plan (which is paid) will provide you with all the features required for a business website. The service also makes it possible to use the White Label option, thus allowing you to connect your own brand. Thus, the clients, who will edit their websites in future, will work under your brand in the editor.


IM Creator (XPRS) is a decent contemporary website builder used to create business websites, portfolios, landing pages etc. The website builder has many benefits for creatives and entrepreneurs. These features make it a nice choice for newbies and proficient web developers, who wish to gain excellent result without investing too much effort and time into the web building process.

With a nice collection of responsive templates, effective web customization tools, affordable plans and versatility of features, IM Creator (XPRS) remains in the top list of the best website builders these days.


uCraft Website Creator

Ucraft is a drag-and-drop website builder, which impresses newbies and skillful web developers with the abundance of its features and excellent functionality. The service can be used to create different website types, including landing pages, promo websites, portfolios, business websites etc.

The system is convenient, simple and has an intuitive dashboard, which is easy to understand and use, even if you lack web design skills.

uCraft website templates

uCraft Features

Ucraft makes the process of creating websites simple and quick. No web design expertise, coding skills and other related knowledge and needed to do that. Instead, you just have to follow the recommendations provided by the website builder and explore the features it offers.

You will find lots of responsive thematic templates and special integrated blocks that may be arranged to your liking to create any website structure you currently need. Ucraft is also known for its multilingual tool, which allows creating websites in different languages, contributing to their superior performance and effective web promotion.

ucraft website generator editor


Ucraft has three plans. If your objective is to test the system and explore its features, then a free plan will work well for this purpose. In case you need a professional and full-fledged website, then you’ll better upgrade to one of the paid plans – either the plan For beginners or the Lifetime plan.

Both plans come with the same features. The only nuance is the cost. The plan meant for beginners costs $8/month, but you can buy the annual subscription, saving up to 20% of the money invested and getting a free domain name.

The Lifetime plan, in its turn, implies the one-time payment ($149) for an opportunity to use the system for the unlimited period of time. This is a worthy offer, if you have tried the system and consider it the most suitable solution for you.


Ucraft is a decent website builder for all users, irrespective of their web design experience. Everyone can choose a plan to meet specific web building needs. Newbies can make use of the free plan to test the system, while web developers working with client projects may upgrade to one of the paid plans of their choice. Whatever plan you will eventually go for, you will get lots of thematic responsive templates, widgets, access to the multilingual tool, powerful web design customization features and other options you can use to give your website excellent look and superior functionality.


Mobirise Web Creator tool

Mobirise stands out from the crowd from the very first moment you start exploring it. The major difference of this website builder is that it is the downloadable software that requires installation before being used.

The system is used for any web building purposes you might have. You won’t face any problems when building different types of websites here. Due to the variety of features and tools the system offers, the web creation process will be hassle-free, simple and convenient, while the result will be on the top notch level.

mobirise templates

Mobirise Features

Unlike other website builders, Mobirise doesn’t have traditional templates most users have got used to. Instead, it offers a rich collection of adjustable blocks that make up the structure and layout of the page.

These blocks correspond to any web building needs and include articles, reviews, galleries, background videos, price lists, blogs, charts etc. Combination of these blocks at the web page helps create the preferred website design.

website builders


Mobirise is absolutely free for everyone. You are welcome to create any website you need with no fees at all, except for the hosting and domain name. Experienced web designers will also appreciate an opportunity to make use of extra extensions that can give any website superior functionality and trendy design. These extensions come at extra cost, but the result is definitely worth this money.


Mobirise is popular with users, who are just starting their web design career as well as with professionals, who work with client projects. The system is worth the attention due to its simplicity, functionality, and affordability. It requires preliminary installation, which also has its advantages, especially for users, who deal with web design projects on a regular basis.

Bottom Line

Web design process doesn’t have to be complicated, time-taking and challenging to bring outstanding result. Professional web developers have got used to writing website codes from scratch to give their client websites unique design and excellent functionality. This often takes much effort and time. The same result, however, may be achieved in a much simpler way by using website builders.

This often takes much effort and time. The same result, however, may be achieved in a much simpler way by using website builders.

These systems combine excellent design features and superior functionality to ensure quality result. They are understandable and simple enough to be used by everyone and they are also very affordable. So, what’s the sense to spend long hours trying to create a professional website, if you can gain the same result in a short period of time with no hassle at all?

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