I’m carrying out an experiment today. I’m going to start this article with some wise words which lead the way to success, yet this article ends in an absolutely non-serious hilarious manner. But then again, since its Designzzz, even the funny stuff would not be meaningless. For example our posts Hilarious Print Advertisements and Photos Taken at the Right Time sure made you laugh, but they did comprise a good amount of inspiration as well.

In this article, we’ll take a look at the sentences and behaviors which can ruin your impression in the mind of your boss. And the worst part is, you might not even know the reason your boss hates you. So let’s begin.

What Your Boss Wants

Employee Boss relationship

How many times have you heard the sentence “put yourself in his shoes”? This is the point, before saying anything to your boss, imagine yourself as if you were the boss, and think what would have been your reaction had your employee said this thing to you.

Another aspect is that when you are briefing to your boss, it is unlikely that you make a blunder, which is because you usually prepare for this stuff. It is the sudden occasions and happenings which reveal the ugly side of the employee.

Good Practices

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Like there are good practices of every profession, there are also good practices for being an efficient worker as well. Here are some of the best:

Be Brief

Always try to be brief, my teacher used to say about a student in the class that she speaks a lot, but says a little. You should not be like her.

Lets Join Social Media

Never ever, ever become friends with your boss on social media, like Facebook. They will bring your work life in your Facebook and haunt you until you are admitted in mental asylum.

Favorite of the Boss

The best way I have learned to be the star in the boss’s eye. I keep checking is everybody else doing his work. Who is working good, and who is not so good. Who is excelling and why… if you have answers to these questions, when the time comes you will be able to tell all the accounts to your boss. This is like unofficially taking care of the work of your boss. But you should not start your briefing without being asked, because if you do, the boss will feel like you are doing some leg pulling.

Your Words and Their Meanings

Boss yelling and screaming

Every married man has had this problem that sometimes he  said something to his wife, and she derived a whole other meaning out of it. The same thing can happen to you and your boss. You say something, and he takes out a different meaning. So here are the things which are absolutely inappropriate for you to say to your boss.

That is Not Possible

The phrase “nobody can do it” means  “I can’t do it”. You must never ever say this. Instead, always have a solution in the bag. You should be speaking like this: “Well, this is pretty hard because so and so, but we can do this”.

Is this The Best, Huh?

Upon criticizing something, don’t ever behave like the judge, you just point out the faults or problems there are. It’s your critique that matters, not your personal feels.

Last Night Was So…

If you were awake till late last night, had a party or something, you should never use it as an excuse. This will make look like a non-professional and frankly, also an immature fool.


This is the worst thing you can do. A sigh would suggest you’re a heart broken disappointed lover, and that’s not the impression you should be giving away. And it’s not just a sigh, you shouldn’t be doing any grimace or eye rolling either. If you need to make wordless sound, as in when you are thinking, use sounds such as : hmmm… or awwww…

10 Funny Phrases

Blurt Out

For us, these things are funny, but the ones could not keep their tongues  leashed in their mouths, it wasn’t funny at all. Here’s a collection of blurt-outs which nobody should ever repeat to his boss.

  1. Is this your daughter’s picture? She’s Hot.
  2. Does the “Lunch Hour” mean only one hour, or can it be longer?
  3. What do you mean by ’doing’?
  4. Just a min, I’m beating the high score…
  5. He stopped working first…!!
  6. I’m bored with this job.
  7. Did you watch Johnny Bravo last night?
  8. I was just clicking mouse button to look like working, ha ha ha.
  9. Boss, you’re Hot.
  10. Ahhh.. Boss!!
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