As a web designer, you’ve seen how much your profession has changed in a few years with the various design trends that have taken root. Some come and go, while others have had remarkable staying power.

Web design freelancers face greater competition today, as more and more of the workforce is made up of independent workers. This requires you to maintain or upgrade your skills. Yet, being a professional, you’ve likely been doing just that for a long time.

You’re on the lookout for tools to help you turn out better products, and do so with greater efficiency.

Going into 2017, a tool that offers an excellent example of effectiveness and efficiency in helping to build superior products, is this multipurpose, responsive WordPress theme with 230+ pre-built websites.

The many benefits of these websites:

  • They are genuine time-savers. Customizing one to suit your needs takes no time at all, plus you don’t have to create a user-pleasing UX from scratch.
  • A pre-built website provides an excellent base from which to build a working prototype. This is a much easier and effective approach than constructing a mockup.
  • You can consider various options, or present your client with many options, before initiating the design effort.

This pre-built website can be modified to fill the needs of any artist or agency.

  • Coding is not needed, nor are any special technical skills.
  • You can expect quick responses to questions or issues you may have.

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15 Beautifully Crafted, Pre-Built Websites

Be’s 230+ pre-built websites provide the coverage you need, or can easily be customized to do so. This 1 minute, 45-second video demonstrates how easy they are to install and edit.


App 2 is a one-page pre-built website with a simple, yet eye-catching, design. It offers a concept you can build a mobile app presentation around; or build whatever you wish.

Be Barber 2

Be Barber 2 conveys a simple message. This barber (or business) cares about the customer. This pre-built website combines a vintage look with simplicity and a generous use of whitespace.

Be B&W

Be B&W is destined for a photographer or photography studio. Two standout features are the card-like design, and a clever use of black and white imagery combined with color.

Be Developer2

Be Developer2 is destined for a real estate development business. Images that make great selling points are selected along with space devoted to describe the business and its history.

Be Digital

Be Digital is a pre-built website destined for a creative digital agency; hence the use of creative imagery. Like all pre-built websites, the designers carefully analyzed what a client might look for.

Be Ebook

Be Ebook might, at first glance, appear to have a somewhat limited use; but it could be modified to be used as a landing page for any type of book.

Be Herbal

Be Herbal is a pre-built website designed with an herbal shop in mind. This concept lends itself to changes and customization to accommodate a variety of businesses.

Be Logistics

Be Logistics shows how effective flat design can be when accompanied by a clever use of nicely done icons. This pre-built website conveys its message in a lighthearted way.

Be Minimal

Be Minimal takes full advantage of the minimalist trend in web design. It all adds up to an elegant, yet relaxed atmosphere favored by creative artists and agencies.

Be Music

Be Music is for the young crowd. You can almost hear the music (or add audio). Its choice of colors and the manner in which graphics are presented are particularly appealing.

Be Print

Be Print illustrates how a seemingly unexciting topic can, with careful object placement and a dash of color, become something that is dynamic, fresh, and leading to calls to action.

Be Snapshot

Be Snapshot offers the dramatic, yet cool, look often favored by landscape photographers. This pre-built website is characterized by a finely-tuned look and the subtle use of hover effects.

Be Surveyor

Be Surveyor illustrates how the image and text on a homepage can tell quite a story. Fresh colors appear throughout this pre-built website destined to a surveying business.

Be Tiles

Be Tiles is destined to a tile shop. The design illustrates how seemingly mundane objects, when treated as geometric shapes, can impart a hip, modern look that visitors will take note of.

Be Training

Be Training offers a great start to building a website for a personal trainer or a training business. Features like an events calendar, signup sheet, or available courses are easily incorporated.

And, Several Extra Reasons Why Pre-Built Websites Could be a Rising Trend

Be has much more to offer than most WP themes:

  • Muffin Builder 3 is a fast, efficient, and easy to work with editor. The new user interface graphics and color scheme have made it even more so.
  • The Muffin Options panel enables you to build an unlimited variety of layouts, configurations, and websites. The panel also keeps everything under control as you proceed with your design.
  • If you choose to start a page from scratch with a blank canvas, you’ll find Be’s Layouts Configurator is a great help in selecting the right baseline elements and putting everything together.
  • 200+ shortcodes allow you to add fine details and functionality to your pages, without having to rely on coding.

Other Be Theme features include the Revolution Slider and Unlimited Colors. Be is also Responsive, Retina Ready, SEO Ready, and Multilingual and RTL Ready.

The documentation is superb. You can expect rapid, competent support from a team that’s dedicated to helping customers.

What Be Theme users say:

Just purchased this one beautiful WordPress theme. Absolutely love it! Super flexible, mobile friendly and fast
One of the best themes in the world! Thank you very much for your good work and precious support!
This is probably my favorite theme, very easy to install demo content, support is great, and the ease of everything in general is excellent.
Great product. Exactly as described. The possibilities are endless. Amazing responsive design!

Here’s a New Year’s resolution you won’t have a problem keeping. If 2017 is to be your most productive year ever, give Be Theme’s 230+ pre-built websites a try.

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