A Golden Chance to Win Your Dream Youtube Studio Set-Up for Your Vlog

If you wanna become a pop star / rock star, you go to American Idol, if you wanna become a world-famous chef, you go to MasterChef… but if you’re passionate about tech world and this is where you wanna be famous. Where do you go then? You go to UltraWide Festival 2015!

Almost everyone working in the creative and programming industries has thought about starting a youtube channel. Many of you have already started vlogs while others have signed up for a youtube channel, but not posting on it regularly.
If you belong to one of the either of two categories, already having a regular vlog or even an inconsistent one, then this is a golden chance for you.

We designers and programmers are passionate about youtubing but the only aspect that restricts us from starting a youtube channel is that having a professional video production set-up costs a lot and we hesitate in investing thousands of dollars just to make a few videos. But what if you could get your dream set-up for free? What if a youtube tech guru comes along, grants you $10K and free guidance for setting up your dream youtube channel? How does that sound… too good to be true? It is true!

DreamSetup Festival by LG

How Can You Win?

All you need to do to in order to win this sum of $10,000 is just submit the details for your dream set-up to UltraWide Festival 2015, an event organized by LG electronics.

Here’s the process:

  1. Design the most productive hardware set-up. Make sure your desired set-up is good at everything, from NLE to VFX.
  2. Submit your proposed set-up.

That’s it. That’s all you need to do from your end.

Three youtube giants will rank your proposed plan against all other contestants, and will shortlist 30 candidates.

All these 30 candidates will win LG UltraWide Monitor.

Once you with this tremendous monitor screen, add it to your current video production set-up and then make a short video that shows this monitor in action. Out of the 30 shortlisted candidates, 3 will be chosen as winners.

All 3 winners will be given $10,000 in addition to the monitor screen.

With $10K, you can buy your dream production set-up that proposed in the first stage of the competition.

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Introduction to the Judges

Three leading tech vlog gurus from Youtube will be judging your applications and they will also help you if, and when, you win this competition.


  1. Linus Sebastian runs a extremely popular YouTube channel that discusses computer sets, LinusTechTips
  2. Lewis Hilsenteger is the brain behind the tech review channel Unbox Therapy.
  3. Jahova Witniss runs one of the most popular gaming review channel. His channel is named against his name. (I think his channel should have been called Witniss Account.)

So rush now, the last date for submission is September 25th 2015

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