When to and How to Use WordPress for Business Websites

WordPress may be the most popular blogging application, but it is also being used (a lot) for making routine business websites. In fact, it is so brilliant for such use that there are many themes available for making business websites. Even I shared a few of those FREE themes last Saturday, they are worth a look.

Getting back to this article, here you’ll learn how to implement WordPress as business website. The first section will tell you how to do it, second is when to do it, and third one is when NOT to do it.

How to Do it

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Sometimes in a hurry, we just make posts instead of pages and since the comments are disabled, pages and posts almost seem the same. But actually that is a bad practice. Bad practice because the posts are treated in a different manner in search engines.

What we should do is fill pages, not posts with company data and make posts only about some recent happenings or press release kind of things.

For example, if it is a school website and the annual results are out and the school wants to announce it on the website. You should make a post of it, not a page but the data which will never change, such as the school profile, contact info etc. should stay at pages.


Even though, we usually disable comments, many times the client may want us not to. So it is always a good option to ask the client whether he wants feedback/comments on some pages (posts) or not.

But we should never enable comments on pages, that’s for sure.

Choosing/Creating a Theme

This is the tricky part, whether you create a theme or use one downloaded from internet. The WordPress website you are making is NOT a blog. You should consider the following things while selecting a theme for WordPress business website.

  • Find the Business Category in Template Providing Websites
  • Magazine Templates Could Work
  • Blog Websites Do Not Work

If you are designing, make a layout that should not look like a blog. Grid based layouts work fine for that purpose. For more tips about making or editing a WordPress theme, please visit our WordPress series

When to Do it

Since custom made designs don’t have any limitations, and you can put anything anywhere, they are the arguably the best choice for every kind of business website. But there are many times when WordPress could also work charm.

Let’s go through the advantages of using WordPress:

Needs just a few minutes to create a basic design

You don’t have to give birth to a design first and then show it to the client. A website starts running the moment you upload WordPress. And so when you make the changes, your client can also see the changes being done right away live on the web.

The Client can make updates himself

According to me, that is the biggest advantage of using WordPress. There are small business owners and many other clients out there who want a website in which they can update some data, if they have to, or make another page themselves and don’t have to call the designer each time for making minor changes.

If you are a freelancer, you can develop a WordPress business site for them and also train them to make such changes. It might sound that if the client is able to make such updates himself, he will never call you again, but that is so not true.

On my personal experience, I can safely say that you will keep receiving new contracts from the very same client, and also the client will be recommending you to many others.

When to Use WordPress

Your clients won’t always know the options, it is your job to provide them. You are the one being aware of the advantages of working with WordPress, guide them about this kind of site if they need it.

A business might need a WordPress site when it is likely to take updates time to time. These businesses can include educational institutes, medical and pharma related items etc.

When Not to Do it

Say No

As we all know, HTML/CSS might look great but they are not very update friendly; you must always remember that WordPress cannot hold so many graphics and such sparkles to give a website the Wow! effect. So if you are making a site that requires such things, for example a Jeweler’s website, you are better off not using a CMS.


There are many websites that might need an update once a while, and there are some which do not. WordPress fulfills the requirements of the website that may need an update, but for the other kind, it is better to use the traditional method of designing a website.

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