Fun WordPress Plugins to Engage your Visitors

What is the most important element that makes a blog hit? There are many but the most important factor in a blog’s success is the traffic it can generate. So what does the public like? Nothing more than fun. Fun is the magical word on internet and if you provide a little to your visitors, they will love your blog.

Website owners also sometimes like to have a fun thing on their website to make the visitor’s experience a happy one.

Today we are sharing such ‘fun’ plugins and widgets that will increase traffic on your blog/site and let the users have a better experience.

Snow, Balloons and More

Snowflakes (and more) falling down your blog! Inspired by the unforgettable xsnow. Since 0.8.0 images can float upwards too.

wordpress widget

Funny Demotivators

Add random funny demotivational pictures to your site . All pictures will be grabbed from

wordpress blog plugin


This is a simple plugin that displays a wacky quote from George W. Bush.

wordpress plugin for incrreasing traffic

Flash Hangman Game

A cool flash hangman game for your blog. Just create a new post or page and enter the tag [HANGMAN] .

plugin for increasing traffic

Treasure Web Hunt

Treasure Web Hunt is a simple and funny game. It’s a World Wide Treasure Hunting Game that made people browse a lot of websites searching for a treasure.

wordpress game plugin

Funny Pranks Videos

Greet your site visitors with the funny pranks videos, like this.

The Daily Dilbert

A WordPress implementation of the Daily Dilbert widget as published by United Feature Syndicate, Inc.

wordpress plugin

Sk XKCD Widget

This plugin displays in a widget the latest image from XKCD. It requires php 5.0 to work with curl and dom enabled, features included in most hosting.

wordpress tool for increasing traffic

Fun Facts

Adds a sidebar widget that display interesting, useless, weird and wonderful random fun facts.

increase traffic


This plugin lets you integrate the daily web cartoon from DansCartoons  for non-commercial websites.

WordPress Plugin

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