This is a collection of the best and free WordPress plugins and tutorials for displaying related posts. Related post is a wonderful feature to decrease your bounce rate and keep your visitor on your site for longer than usual.

As you can see that we are also using this feature, in the end of all of our posts you can see a section of “Related Stuff You Will Love!”. This is related posts. If you have a blog or website, you MUST add this element to it.

You would also know that my criteria for selection of plugins is very strict; I only add plugins which are rated over four stars (that’s a seriously high rating) and they also have to be compatible with WordPress 3 (latest).  The tutorials will tell you how you can add this feature in the professional way.



Yarpp is the abbreviation of Yet Another Related Posts Plugin. It is one of the most popular plugins for this purpose but there’s only one drawback, it doesn’t show thumbnails. To show thumbnails, you’ll have to use another plugin which you can find below. It is called Related Posts Slider.

WordPress Plug

Related Posts Thumbnails

Customizable plugin, that nicely displays related posts thumbnails under the post.

WP Related Posts with Minimum CPU Use

A related posts plugin that works quickly even with thousands of posts and tags. Can be added automatically to the end of posts. Requires PHP5.

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Microkid’s Related Posts

Increase your pageviews and SEO by manually selecting related posts for your content. Easy reciprocal linking of related posts and pages.

based on search engine results


Related Posts with thumbnails for WordPress. Show user defined number of related / similar posts with thumbnail image.

related post plugin for free

upPrev Previous Post Animated Notification

A WordPress Plugin to emulate the “Next Post” buttons you see once you scroll to the bottom of New York Times web articles.

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Smart Related Posts Thumbnails

Smart related posts thumbnails plugins generate the thumbnails of the post and give the advantage to user for quick reading of the thumb by showing post excerpt on hover.

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Related Posts Slider

Related posts slider creates a very attractive slider of the related posts or/and pages for a WordPress post or page. The slider is a lightweight jQuery implementation of the related post functionality. It needs Yarpp or WordPress Related post plugin to work. This is NOT a complete solution for displaying related posts.

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Tutorials comprised of basically just one topic; How to Display Related Posts without a Plugin. I thought making a looong list would not be a wise decision since all the give out the same result, I just selected the two best ones. By best I mean the easy and technically sound ones.

How to Display Related Posts in WordPress

This tutorial will guide you how to display thumb-less related posts using Yarpp or without using a plugin. This one is specifically designed for beginners.

WordPress tutorials

How to Show Related Posts Without a Plugin

Displaying related posts is a very great way to help visitors staying longer on your blog. You can use a plugin, but you also can use tags and a custom code to show related posts. Let’s see how to do!

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