Here is a collection of workers photo and their life. I’m going a little off topic these days. Last time I made collection of photos with benches in them.

Since you all loved that post, I’m daring to go off topic once again.

This is a photographic collection of workers busy with their daily grind.

Mainly, this is photojournalism. This is my favorite kind of photography. Hope you enjoy it.

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Fossil Workers

The use of shadows and the angle of the camera is what is making this picture great.

Fossil workers

Wire Factory

I think the expression of the old guy is a little too much, but that is the reason this picture is saying so much.

Wire Factory workers

Old Workers

China has progressed not only from their large scale factories, their small business sector has played a major role.

Old workers

The Iron Catchers

These are the real hard working people. After watching them, I feel I have no right to go home and tell everyone that I had a tiring day…. It is only these guys who deserve to say this.

iron forgers

Three Workers in Leather Factory

Just check the look of determination on their faces.

Three workers in Leather factory

Coffee Workers

I wonder if these guys get a “Tea Break”?

coffee workers

Tile Factory Worker

How small a man feels amongst all those gigantic construction machines.

Tile Factory Worker

Made in China

If it is sold anywhere on Earth, it is made in China… and that’s where they make it.

worker labour in china


Ghost workers?

factory labour

Siberian Factory Worker

Russians are tough… the background is amazing and with the angle… photographer is a master.

siberian factory worker

Portrait of a Miner

This is a portrait of a miner in the locker room.

portrait of a miner


Australians make me moo.

milk maid

Female Miner

If I’m right, the photographer focused on the eye-lashes here.

female miner

Shakhtar Donetsk

A miner relaxes in the locker room.


The Hard Worker’s Look

And that’s how you take a portrait.

hard worker at factory

Soft Guy Hard Work

We should think, if these work so hard, why don’t we?

soft guy hard work


Wish I had a focus like this.



Don’t you dare think scientists don’t work as hard.

metallurgist worker


I believe that’s a little too much toning. I mean I work with Photoshop and I think too much photoshopping takes away the beauty from the picture.

old miner


And that’s what you eat after a tiring day… this post is making me respect these guys more and more.

hard worker lunch


Yes, women have to work just as tirelessly as men. Remember next time you see a worker, admire him, respect him, he deserves it.

female painter

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