Weird yet Wonderful – Gothic Fashion Photography


Goth is a subculture and it started in England about 30 years ago. If you have to describe it in one word, it would be “Dark”.
Typically in Gothic fashion, dark color (usually black) clothes are worn with dyed black hair, black lips and black fingernails, both men and women follow these traditions.
In the 21st century, ┬áthis post-punk culture has evolved into a unique style of living for many. And photographers around the world have given it diversity. Now the you don’t have be to all black to be a part of this subculture.
So let’s check a few pictures of Gothic Fashions.

Try your fortune

amzing gothic fashion photgraphy

Typically Gothic

hot gothic girls photography

Night aerial girl

night girl witches horror photography

Look at the world through the eyes of the world

horror and gothic fashion photographs

Little bird

fashion phtgraphy on gothic topic

The hands of the holder

beautifull gothic fashion photography


thrilling gothic fashion photography and photographs

Wings Of Sorrow

horror photography in jungle


gothic fashion photography

Masked Deception

masked gothic fashion photography examples

Modern Trend

gothic fashion photography examples

Force Fed

eye popping gothic fashion photography

Reading in peace

Sizzling gothic fashion models

The gambler and his queen

gamblers queen fashion photogaphy examples

Forever more

gothic fashion photography models

My friend the Hawk

gothic fahion photography with hawk

Goth Girl

gothic girls in action

Mad Hatter

gothic teacher photography



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Waseem Amjad is the chief Graphic Designer and official Photographer of When he is not writing tutorials or creating freebies, he can be found in streets capturing photographs.
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  1. Mark Armstrong says:

    Incredible! I can’t help thinking that Goth is a style that would work well for Waseem… : )

    1. waseem says:


      My fiance doesn’t even let me change my hairstyle. Goth would really leave her screaming :P

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